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Biogas Conference London Announced Topics

Biogas Conference London 14 December – ADBA’s First Physical Event Since Covid

The Biogas Conference returns to London on 14 December. it will be ADBA's first physical event since covid.

Hoping to see you there! So, here is the latest official Press Release about it.

Climate, Gas and CO2 Security will be the Key Themes of the ADBA 2021 National Conference

Lord Callanan to open the first physical event hosted by the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) since the outset of Covid

Image is a portrait photo of Lord Callanan.On 14 December, Lord Callanan, (pictured left), Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State (Minister for Business, Energy and Corporate Responsibility) will address the 2021 UK Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) National Conference – the first physical event hosted by the trade body since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic nearly two years ago.  The event in Central London will highlight how anaerobic digestion (AD) is the ready-to-go, low-cost technology that can deliver climate, gas and CO2 security – three critical issues currently affecting the UK.

In his keynote speech to the forthcoming Biogas Conference London, Lord Callanan will provide an update on the Green Gas Support Scheme, explain the Government's policy for biomass and explore the role of AD in the UK's Net Zero strategy.

COP26 President Alok Sharma dubbed the period 2021-2030 “the decade of delivery” and this year's ADBA National Conference will demonstrate how the AD industry can, over the next nine years:

  • reduce the UK's annual greenhouse gas emissions by 6% and help the country fulfil its Paris Agreement and Global Methane Pledge commitments
  • meet 25% of the UK's domestic gas demand
  • provide over 100% of the UK's CO2 demand

Sessions will cover the outcome of the COP26 summit and how AD can deliver 25% of the UK's Global Methane Pledge commitment, the delivery of separate food waste collections from 2023, farming regulations on digestate and the decarbonisation of transport.

Portrait style image of Philipp Lukas from Future BiogasPhilipp Lukas, Chief Executive of Future Biogas, (pictured right) will also present his company's vision for carbon capture and storage and join a panel discussion on bio-CO2.

Charlotte Morton, ADBA Chief Executive, said:

The UK is entering a new era of waste (or should I say resource) management to achieve greater climate, gas and CO2 security. What makes this year's ADBA National Conference so pivotal is that we'll emphasize how AD can deliver on all of these, especially the Global Methane Pledge, and address the barriers to the industry's growth that MUST be lifted if we are to fulfil its potential.

As we have long been campaigning, there's no net-zero without biogas. Treating organic wastes through AD curbs methane and other GHG emissions across agriculture, food manufacturing, food waste and wastewater treatment, and crucially generates the valuable bioproducts needed to develop a sustainable, green circular economy for the UK.  It's a ready-to-use, mature technology that, given the right policy support, can rapidly make a huge contribution towards the UK's transition away from fossil fuels to a self-sufficient, secure, low-carbon economic model.

As we emerge from the Covid pandemic with our Biogas Conference London 2021, the AD industry can also bring tens of thousands of green jobs to the market and help boost employment across multiple sectors. If the UK is to deliver this decade, AD must be an integral part of the plan. We'll be honoured to welcome Lord Callanan to our Conference look forward to hearing his insights on this topic.”

The ADBA National Conference 2021 will take place on Tuesday 14 December at One Great George Street, London.

View the full Biogas Conference London programme here.

Biogas Conference London Announced Topics


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