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Future Biogas Orders More Borger Pumps and Separators

Even if Borger (Börger) the specialist pump manufacturer wasn't one of our sponsors we still would publish this as we think it is of interest to our readers to know when a company like Future Biogas (one of the largest biogas companies in the UK, which every year produces over 400GWh of biogas, and enough energy for over 40,000 homes) praises a supplier. That's exactly what the following press release is all about:

Press Release July 2020:

 Twenty 20 for Borger’s pumps and separators with Future Biogas

A new order from Future Biogas is set to bring the total number of Borger pumps and separators at its AD/Biogas plants to over 20.

At the forefront of the anaerobic digestion industry, acclaimed AD developer and operator Future Biogas invested in its first Borger pump back in 2015 for its site near Swaffham – seeking an alternative solution to its existing pumps that were proving time-consuming and costly to maintain. Since then, the full-service company, which additionally provide construction, compliance and asset management, has also begun introducing Borger’s Bioselect RC Separators.

The latest Borger Separator, the sixth for Future Biogas, is heading for Doncaster. Designed with its drainage and press channels positioned one after the other in order to preserve the filter, the Separator’s rotating clearing auger does not come into contact with the screen. Abrasive parts cannot cause any damage to the surface area here, thus greatly increasing the service life of all components.

Neil Bushell, Head of Engineering at Future Biogas commented:

“The Borger Separators are excellent. We very much like the plug-sealing system, which takes away the risk of any liquid escaping. Since we bought our first unit in 2016, the reliability and superior performance have given us every confidence to order more”.

Future Biogas orders more Borger pumps and separators like those seen in this picture.
Future Biogas now have more than 20 Borger pumps and Borger separators, like the separator shown here.

Converting a wide range of feedstocks into clean, renewable energy at 13 highly efficient AD plants, Future Biogas has gradually replaced pumps that caused issues with a large range from Borger, including the small AL-series (1.5 kW), right up to the 15 kW FL-series.

Neil Bushell added:

“Unlike the pumps we’ve been phasing out, we don’t have to spend anywhere near as much time or money on the Borger pumps. Just like the separators, they are reliable and very easy to work on with just basic tools. The mechanical seals never seem to fail. Spares are always readily available – and unlike before – at a sensible cost. And as a company, Borger are always there for us when we need help and advice”.

Borger UK: 01902 798977

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