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Home Biogas

Home Biogas Plants and Small-scale Anaerobic Digestion Plants, design, construction, operation and maintenance. Household and community biogas plant information articles on all topics.

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Home Biogas – Well-Designed Flat-Pack Home Anaerobic Digestion Plant Units for All

Latest single-home anaerobic digestion unit off the shelf, turns food waste into biogas (cooking gas) and fertilizer, for under $900.

Anerobic digestion of Kitchen Waste Scraping the plate

Anaerobic Digestion of Kitchen Waste – All You Need to Know

The anaerobic digestion of kitchen waste (also known as food waste anaerobic digestion) has become of great interest in recent years due to the high organic removal rates and positive net energy balance which can be achieved in well designed and competently operated anaerobic digestion plants. Anaerobic digestion is recognised by the UK government, Defra, the […]

Image of a small scale biogas plant.

Small Scale Biogas Plants for Home Cooking Fuel

The use of small scale biogas plants for home cooking fuel is gaining more followers in the developed nations all the time. These small Anaerobic Digestion Plants (or “biogas digesters”) are great for home cooking using the waste food (table scraps) every day from a young family can fuel a gas ring to heat up […]

Image shows a Using a Home Biogas Storage Bag.

Home Biogas Storage Bag (Balloon) for Small-Scale Anaerobic Digestion Plants

A home biogas storage bag (balloon) is used to store and transport the surplus biogas produced from home biogas digesters. Home Biogas Storage bag balloons are relatively small in volume (for example Shenzhen Puxin Technology Co, Ltd offer their smallest biogas storage bag as a 1 cubic metre unit) They are nowhere near as large […]

Image shows ADBA's Charlotte Morton illustrating disappoinment at UK biogas Feed-In Tarrif closure.

Feed-In Tariff Closing – UK Government Fails to Support Biogas Small-Scale Renewable Energy

A Feed-In Tariff (FIT) consultation is underway, but the fact is that the UK FIT will end in just 9 months. In truth it is inexplicable why the UK government will not be updating and extending the FIT for electricity produced from biogas production from wastes using the AD process. The problem for anaerobic digestion […]

Breaking News! 2nd Crowdfunded HomeBiogas Plant Will Be Portable

A second innovative portable HomeBiogas Plant appears to be achieving the funding needed, and this time it will be a portable anaerobic digestion plant. It is astonishing the extent to which that the public will spend money on crowdfunding websites like IndieGigo, which claim 15 million visits monthly. It was at first understandable that web visitors might buy […]