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Image shows a Using a Home Biogas Storage Bag.

Home Biogas Storage Bag (Balloon) for Small-Scale Anaerobic Digestion Plants

A home biogas storage bag (balloon) is used to store and transport the surplus biogas produced from home biogas digesters.

Image shows a Using a Home Biogas Storage Bag.Home Biogas Storage bag balloons are relatively small in volume (for example Shenzhen Puxin Technology Co, Ltd offer their smallest biogas storage bag as a 1 cubic metre unit)

They are nowhere near as large as the “gas holders” used to store biogas until needed, in commercial biogas plant installations.

Tough and durable rectangular inflatable bags; They are re-usable, and used as an additional accessory by those people that already own or run a home biogas plant or a small scale AD unit, such as in community AD projects.

For more about the Puxin Product click here.

If the Amazon page shows “out of stock” or “unavailable”  you may be able to buy The Puxin Storage Bag here.

They make the use of biogas much more flexible. They provide a way to store extra biogas over and above the quantity stored in the built-in biogas storage. This is usually located in the space above the liquid of any home digester tank.

At these sizes, a home biogas storage bag is small enough to be portable, and in addition to providing extra methane for cooking for special occasions, it can be used to transport biogas.

This enables biogas in these balloons, to be sold for use by people other than the biogas plant owner.

They are particularly useful when a number of families send their organic waste to a community biogas plant, from neighbouring farms or homes.

By using a home biogas storage bag they are able to collect biogas from the AD plant and use it in their homes if they live too far from the biogas plant to receive piped biogas.

The body of the Puxin Biogas storage bag is made from PVC membrane material. Puxin states that the expected life of the biogas storage bags/balloon is 5 years.

For their safe use, users must take great care to prevent fire or explosion, in a similar way to avoiding explosion and flare off hazards at all small-scale biogas plants.

If transporting by road vehicle always place the balloon in the open air on the vehicle. It is not advisable to transport biogas with you inside a vehicle in these balloons, due to the danger of fire, and the possibility of depleted oxygen in the event of a leak.

Biogas Storage Balloons are used in storing generated bio-gas in plant digesters and all types of waste like food, cow dung, vegetable, and de-oil cake.

SIKCO produces a Biogas Storage Balloon which is fabricated out of high tenacity polyamide fabric matrix, impregnated with compatible polymer on the inside for the gas stored and on the outside with Hypalon for weather abrasion and UV resistance.

We have found that manufacturers produce biogas storage bags up to 4 to 5 metres cubed in capacity.

For details of the Puxin Biogas Storage Bag, which is available on Amazon in the US, go to

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More from the Web About the Home Biogas Storage Bag

Image is an on-farm biogas storage option table.There are two basic reasons for storing biogas or biomethane: storage for later on-site usage and storage before and/or after transportation to off-site distribution points or systems. The least expensive and easiest to use storage systems for on-farm applications are low-pressure systems; these systems are commonly used for on-site, intermediate storage of biogas. The energy, safety, and scrubbing requirements of medium- and high-pressure storage systems make them costly and high-maintenance options for on-farm use. Such extra costs can be best justified for biomethane, which has a higher heat content and is, therefore, a more valuable fuel than biogas. via 4. Storage and Transportation of Biogas and Biomethane

How big are biogas storage bags?

Puxin bags set the standards. PUXIN biogas storage bags are used to store the excess biogas every day, with 1 to 200 cubic meter capacity via How big are biogas storage bags?

An analysis of domestic biogas storage installations in China

Image of the biogas storage bag etc., research report.This paper analyses the problems of domestic biogas storage installations used in China and introduces a new flexible bag with a rolling axis used for biogas storage. This has the advantages of easy manufacture, low cost, and guarantees a steady gas pressure for burning. The bag can hang in the kitchen itself, taking up minimal space, and can be operated easily by housewives. via domestic biogas storage


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    • Pascal
    • February 22, 2019

    Hello. I am a Ugandan and I live in Abu Dhabi united Arab Emirates. I am planning to go home for vacation in Uganda early this year, possibly towards the middle. I am going to build a biodigester for an IBC container for my grandmother but we don’t have a storage bag in Uganda, how may I get one from your company. Possibly a small one.

    Thank you in advance

      • biogasman
      • February 22, 2019

      I don’t sell any physical products myself. There should be a link to the seller on the page. But, why not use a used car inner tube – or more than 1 if needed. That should be fine for a small digester.

    • FixMo
    • January 11, 2020

    It is best to use the gas on a daily basis. But, a storage bag can be good. Use the biogas for your cooking and it is good.

    • Orme Joseph
    • March 6, 2020

    Mighty useful is this bag. Very useful for home biogas. I use the gas on another stove.

    • Iroco Diroboa
    • October 11, 2021

    Bio digester that I constructed myself. So, do you have any gauges that can tell you how much pressure is in the tank at any time? WITH A SAFETY RELEASE VALVE, FOR EXAMPLE. In addition, how dangerous is that bag? Come on, guys, are you taking precautions to keep yourself safe?

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