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Biogas Products – Examples of Leaders in the AD Plant Service Industry

Featured image for Biogas Products Examples of Leaders.A wide range of specialist biogas products is now available. These specially designed products, tailored for the unique requirements of digestion, and anaerobic reactors, are now not only affordable, but in high demand from experienced AD plant operators and developers who appreciate their value. In many cases reliable specialist biogas equipment is the only choice which makes sense. Unless many parts are intended to work in the conditions seen in anaerobic digestion systems, they are being found to be unfit for their purpose. The best of these biogas products are also unique, tried and tested and durable.

Anaerobic digestion may be an ancient process, but not so these products! Many of these, from the new breed of biogas product suppliers, are manufactured in highly sophisticated manufacturing units to exacting standards.

While “buyers beware” must still apply to all purchases, when non-specialist suppliers offer equipment for use in the anaerobic digestion process, all purchasers are well-advised to take great care before buying. Check that the suppliers you choose are utilizing premium quality materials and advanced machinery in compliance with the set biogas industry norms.

Varec biogas product reactor cover valve
Varec Biogas (US and Canada) Offers Some Seriously Specific Biogas Equipment

Project Developers: We recommend that you select your biogas products from manufacturers/ suppliers who focus on providing top of the line products, that can offer maximum results at a low price.

We firmly believe that much of the success of the biogas and biomethane producers in recent years in raising biogas plant up-time, and yield is due to the availability of cutting-edge biogas products. For this reason we have set-out on this page to identify many of the top biogas products and providers which have come to our notice.

Biogas products also need to be installed and for many such projects all must observe the regulations which apply.  For UK readers, this means always ensuring that for any major construction work award the biogas product installer ensures that all aspects of construction work comply with UK CDM Regulations, and will be ATEX/ DSEAR compliant.

Everyone has to work to budgets and to keep costs down, but some cost-savings in AD plant installations can render projects offered to general markets unreliable and in need of major refits of corroded or inadequate equipment within 5 years, and at times much sooner.

Check before you buy, that all work will be not only compliant with all local regulations, and will be built to the highest standards of construction and safety to ensure that your system will be reliable and safe to operate for many years.

Rest assured that when that's done, buying a biogas product is an eco-friendly process utilizing the ever-increasing amounts of organic waste products globally. Plus, each biogas product should be backed by an absolute minimum 1 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects (material or workmanship).


One of the very first to enter the AD market, has a range of reliable specialist sludge and slurry pumps, mixers and stirrers visit the Landia UK website, or select your own international version at Landia World. If you have a reactor mixing problem they are great at troubleshooting scum and crust build-ups, foaming etc., and offer their own gas yield improving “GasMix” aerobic digester tank mixing system.

Biogas Products Ltd

Biogas Products Ltd is a leading UK manufacturer of biogas products, at the time of writing they were offering the following products for anaerobic digestion plants:

Micro Combined Heat and Power Systems, Biogas Cooling Systems, Biogas Dehumidifiers, Biogas H2S Biological Scrubbers, Biogas H2S Chemical Scrubbers, Biogas H2S Dry Media Scrubber, a Biogas Reheater, Biogas Siloxane Scrubbers, Digestate and Slurry Separator, Biomethane Conditioning, Biogas Upgrading Plant, Double Membrane Biogas Domes, Double Membrane Biogas Holder, Single Membrane Biogas Covers, Solids Feeder Systems, Sludge Heat Exchangers, .. visit BP Ltd a manufacture of UK biogas products.

Biogas GE Power Generation

In their own words:

“These days everyone is talking about sustainable energy, but actions speak louder than words. Using biogas from the fermentation of organic waste, GE’s aeroderivative gas turbines and reciprocating engines can create heat and power as a reliable energy source to power your business today, tomorrow, and in the future.” via GE Power Generation

Products – Varec Biogas (USA and Canada Based)

Varec Biogas offers a wide range of biogas safety and handling equipment. They point out that:

“Biogas collection and utilization is an important part of the anaerobic digestion process. The low heat content gas is saturated, and contains elements harmful to personnel. Biogas is also corrosive to piping and equipment. It is important to handle biogas properly to ensure a protected environment.”

Varec Burners and Flairs

Excess biogas produced will need to be flared. To address air emission limits, Varec offers their patented Model 244E Enclosed flares that combust biogas and guarantee a 99% destruction removal efficiency.

Products offered are: a waste gas burner, an enclosed flare, burners and flares product, and a waste gas burner.

Digester Cover and Safety Equipment

Varec products offered are: Safety equipment and accessories installed on standard digester types and on egg-shaped digesters. Their range includes Redundant Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves, Flame Arresters, and Emergency pressure relief manhole covers. Safety selector valves. Access hatches and sludge sampling hatches are required accessories. For floating steel covers, Varec Biogas offers mechanical position indicators with current output transmitters to monitor cover travel. Pressure relief systems are also supplied for intake lines of membrane gas holders.

In more detail Varec offers:

  • Biogas Insulating Jackets which provide additional cold weather protection for Varec Biogas safety equipment installed outdoors.
  • A Cover Position Indicator which is designed for use with vertically-guided or spirally-guided floating digester and gas storage/holder covers.
  • A complete system that will remove moisture, H2S and siloxane in the gas.
  • A Digester Gas to Engine Generator
  • Digester Gas Cleaning/Drying Equipment
  • BioGas Cleaner, which is a complete package for digester gas cleaning in municipal wastewater or industrial wastewater.
  • High and Low Pressure Manually Operated Drip Traps, designed for collection and safe removal of condensate from high pressure gas piping
  • Thermally Operated Shut-Off Valves, and Explosion Relief Valves

visit Products – Varec Biogas

Air Products Biogas Upgrading

In their own words:

“Air Products Prism Membranes does not construct complete biogas systems. Instead, it markets PRISM PB membrane separators through a global network of experienced biogas system builders. Using this network of expert value-added-resellers ensures that each system has a local business supporting operations and service.”

“Prism PB Membrane separators upgrade biogas by separating the methane from the carbon dioxide into two purified streams. Air Products manufactures six different PB Membrane separators, which are the key components in biogas upgrading systems.”

visit Air Products & Chemicals

Aircom Biogas Products

Aircom is a company active in the biogas product market through supplying municipalities, landfill sites and water/waste water treatment system suppliers.

“Technical expertise and authorized distribution of world-renowned products makes us an ideal supplier for your landfill gas blowers, biogas flare systems and related equipment, parts and service needs.”

They offer: Rotary vane compressors, RoFlo equipment, Piston compressors, Elmo Rietschle blowers, Turbotron blowers, Positive displacement blowers, Centrifugal blowers, multi-stagesFlare systems, Open and enclosed flares, Separators and Biogas Accessories. visit Systems for biogas use
Further Biogas Products Listed are:

Greenlane Biogas – Water-Wash

Water-wash, which is a safe, reliable and proven technology is the most environmentally friendly, using no chemicals or heat. visit Products • BiogasWorld

See also:

Advantage Biogas Ltd. Agrico Engineering Sales Ltd. Air Liquide. Clayton Hall Farm Biogas Products Ltd. CNG Fuels Ltd. Cobra Hydro UK Ltd … via UK AD and World Expo

Domestic Digesters, Steel Panel Tanks, Gas Storage Domes Flares & Conditioning Equipment South Africa … via BP

China Biogas products catalog of High Flame Biogas Burner Stove, Electric Stove with Cast Iron Burner provided by China manufacturer – Wuhan Acme Agro Tech Co., Ltd., page1. via Wuhan

BGE tanks find a wide range of applications in the field of biogas … days availability of Customer support for all its products. … Bio Gas Equipment … via BioEquipment

Find Quality Biogas Products, suppliers, exporters, manufactures at Alibaba.com. via Alibaba

Groth provides BioGas Control valves, … Our products are designed to support the unique treatment process for each of these … via Groth Corp

LANDTEC North America; Products; Portable Gas Analyzer; BIOGAS 5000; … BIOGAS 5000 Complete Package Includes: Instrument, hoses, heavy duty water trap filter, … via LANDTEC

ATEX certified fixed and portable gas analysers via Geotechnical Instruments (UK) Ltd

High quality geosynthetics for various applications in the biogas industry via Huesker.us

Do you think you business should be included here? Simply comment to that effect, provide your details, and we will add and contact you as appropriate.
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    Please to list all the best biogas products for sale to use for the cooking stoves. Tell the best stove for me use.

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    • Steve
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    is there a bio-gas electric system that is small enough to say install at a school or community property than can be used as a power source for around 100 typical single family homes in a given area where home owners can collect there food waist / yard clippings etc. to supply the dig-ester and tie it into a mini grid?

      • biogasman
      • June 21, 2020

      The first that comes to mind is the AD Plant at Poundbury, but further reading shows that to be much larger (info here). More to the scale you suggest is possibly SeAB Energy.

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