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This category is the place for anaerobic digestion and biogas news and developments.

Today anaerobic digestion (AD) news is all about is the environmentally-sustainable way of generating biogas from plants and wastes.

Many news items stem from the fact that anaerobic digestion systems can be very different for example material may be fed into a reactor in distinct batches, or in a continuous flow.

Anaerobic Digestion News

News and analysis of anaerobic digestion markets, facilities, projects, technologies, companies and government policies.

There are a number of news items that have been posted for a variety of UK food waste anaerobic digestion projects which show that Anaerobic Digestion UK is growing. This news seems to confirm the gradual growth of business in the AD sector.

There will be more news of the UK ETS Scheme as final deals are made. Bioenergy and EfW investors say the move is the next “logical next step”.

Net Zero Festival is the world’s first business festival dedicated to exploring, advancing, and celebrating the global transition to a net-zero emission economy

Many people love cooking with gas, but what if you could make your own supply, using leftover food waste? Look out for more news of developments in this area as well.

In principle it is simple; you put organic matter into a reception vessel with bacteria and it will produce gas. That is why it is often, not always correctly, likened to a concrete cow. The more you seek to optimise this living structure and its gas production, however, the more complex and sophisticated the system becomes. While the feedstock delivers the gas, it needs the right environment to maximise results and that means paying attention to tank design. As with all things practical, form reflects function.

There are a number of news items that have been posted for a variety of UK food waste anaerobic digestion projects which show that Anaerobic Digestion UK is growing. This news seems to confirm the gradual growth of business in the AD sector.

A few years ago there were UK biogas plants starting construction at the rate of at least two a month, and the industry was even then disappointed and thought the rate should be higher. The news must get better on that over the next few years.

The news is that AD benefits many different groups; including the local community, industry, farmers and energy entrepreneurs, government and the environment.

There is also a demand that in future there will be better AD of solid waste, and by that, we mean smaller, more compact digesters which create much higher gas yields. There is progress being made with a number of promising technologies being used and we will be expecting news on this subject.

We will no doubt also be reporting on how sustainable is an anaerobic digestion biogas plant? The increasing substitution of fossil fuels, such as natural gas, by biogas, would dramatically improve the climate balance.

A THRIVING anaerobic digestion industry is vital for the development of a truly circular economy in Scotland, according to the chief executive of the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association.

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“Returning nutrients from food and other organic materials to the soil, so they can improve soil quality and support food production, is the kind of closed-loop approach we need.

About to come is news of a big increase in recycling and reuse, more food waste being recycled, less waste going to landfill, and especially less climate-harming biodegradable waste,” said Iain Gulland, chief executive of Zero Waste Scotland.

“This has been achieved with hard work from local authorities and others, as well as the growing understanding of the importance of recycling and waste reduction in homes and businesses.”

Increasingly, waste has value. The AD process recognises that and turns things we don’t want, like food waste and farmyard slurry, into something we desperately need – clean, affordable electricity what could be more newsworthy than that!

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EPC Contractors in Anaerobic Digestion

Most biogas plants are built by EPC Contractors in Anaerobic Digestion. These contractors are often called Turnkey Contractors, Design and Build Contractors or Design and Build Operate Contractors  (DBO). From 2012 to 2022 we provided a whole website section devoted to reviews of these contractors. That was at a time when the Anaerobic Digestion and […]

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Food Waste in America – The Wasteful Facts of Unused US Meals

The food waste in America is huge. The facts show that this is both a major problem for the environment, and at the same time could be a great asset. In the USA, the population wastes so much food that correspondingly large quantities of renewable sustainable, 24/7 energy could be created from the 60 million […]

Image text: "Biogas Scrubber Proprietary Technologies GWE provides two proprietary technologies for efficiently desulfurizing a biogas stream, as well as traditional activated carbon filters for tertiary polishing of the gas when very low H2S levels are required. AtmosPower's Biogas Scrubber is available in two stages for efficient gas cleaning and removal of any impurities that could irreversibly damage the critical equipment downstream of the Biogas Scrubber. In cases where the Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) content exceeds the standard limit, a Biological Chemical-based Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Scrubber can be provided as part of the upgrade package. AtmosPower provides its advanced gas desulfurizing unit, which employs various grades of activated carbon to irreversibly absorb H2S and prevent it from flowing downstream with the gas. Amine absorption and a pressure adsorption column are two other common biogas purification techniques.".

How to use Biogas Scrubbers to Purify Biogas

How do you purify biogas? It’s a question central to all but the most simple use of biogas at low pressure from a home digester when it is piped direct to a kitchen stove, although even then bubbling the gas through water is often applied. According to the literature, biogas processing entails the most effective […]

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World Biogas Association Conference 2022 Speakers Announced

Press release: Rick Duke, White House Liaison for John Kerry, and H.E. Hadjia Samira Bawumia,  Second Lady of Ghana, to headline World Biogas Summit 2022 How biogas can address methane emissions will be the key theme of this year’s event The World Biogas Association (WBA) has published its preliminary programme for the fourth edition of […]

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List of Food Waste Depackaging and Separation Equipment Suppliers

The following is a list of “Food Waste Depackaging and Separation Equipment Suppliers”. The list is based upon our online search for, as far as possible, a complete list of global manufacturers/ suppliers of depackaging and separation machinery designed to treat mixed biowaste waste streams for the purpose of reuse and recycling in the anaerobic […]

Image of man viewing a food waste separator research paper.

Food Waste Separators with Less Destructive Depackaging & Pulping Pre-treat SSOHW Better

Prior to anaerobic digestion, new food waste separators with advanced depackaging and pulping technology, when used to pre-treat Source-Separated Organic Household Waste (SSOHW), improve the purity of the organic pulp. Reject output streams were also purer than for earlier systems based on milling and shredding. That’s according to research by the Department of Environmental Engineering, […]

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Pig Farm Anaerobic Digestion – Realities of Operating Swine and Hog Digesters

Pig farm anaerobic digestion and including in this swine, and hog farms have just as much potential as Dairy Farms for anaerobic digestion to make biogas as an additional source of income. At the same time, their biogas plants can provide for a much more environmentally beneficial means of disposing of the farm waste, and […]

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Small-scale Digestate Separator for Dairy Farms with up to 150 Cows

A small-scale digestate separator has been added to the popular Börger Bioselect™ range of digestate separator units. This adds to their range which has become a top choice for operators seeking solid/ liquid digestate separation. Virtually all AD plant operators would be assisted by this technology at the outlets from their biogas reactors. Press Release […]

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Anaerobic Digestion Costs Revealed by our Research Online

Anaerobic digestion costs in recent articles: Like to know costs, such as energy production $/Kwh, cost of construction of AD plants per unit of energy output etc

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Anaerobic Digestion Cost – Plus Gate Fees and Other Rules of Thumb

In this article, we look at how much does anaerobic digestion cost in general. We also discuss the gate fees that food waste digesters charge and other general rules of thumb to help those that seek help with assessing biogas digester costs. Capital Cost A commercial microbial anaerobic digester can cost anywhere between $400,000 and $5,000,000 […]