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Image text states: "Anaerobic digestion and biogas can supply 30% of UK domestic gas demand."

Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas Technology Can Supply 30% Of UK Domestic Gas Demand

The anaerobic digestion story continues to become bigger as new sources of biomass feedstock are identified and the biogas technology used improves

Image text: "Hydrolysis of Sewage Sludge and Anaerobic Digestion".

Hydrolysis of Sewage Sludge and Anaerobic Digestion Wins

The hydrolysis of sewage sludge and the subsequent anaerobic digestion of the hydrolysed sludge output is becoming increasingly common at many sewage works. We think we are justified to call it a winning combination, and we even back up this assertion by providing information on a new contract win for the technology by Veolia, in […]

Image text: "Anareobic Digestion Feasibility Study List".

Anaerobic Digestion Feasibility Study List of 10 Examples

Have you ever considered doing an Anaerobic Digestion Feasibility Study? If you are wondering about whether or not to build your own biogas plant, sooner or later most people consider embarking on an Anaerobic Digestion Feasibility Study. You can do these yourself, but generally, it is better to bring in a biogas expert to work […]

Featured image text: "Biogas Safety First".

Biogas Safety First and the Safety of AD Plants

Renewable energy sources are much needed, but the presence of explosive gases and potentially also pathogens means that observing biogas “Safety First” and ensuring the “Safety of Biogas/ AD/ Anaerobic Digestion Plants” must rank above simply producing valuable energy. Watch the video below which we made to give you a quick summary of the main […]

Text in image: "Biogas process benefits complexities and incentives."

Biogas Process Benefits Complexities and Investment Incentives

Today we are talking about biogas incentives and whether or not current policies on biogas incentives are right. Specifically, we’re going to be focused on anaerobic digestion and what we think the policymakers could or should do to maximize its potential to increase investment in the sector. Biogas is a very interesting product that is […]

Kompogas Dry anaerobic digestion

Dry Anaerobic Digestion Secrets You Will Wish You Discovered First

Dry anaerobic digestion can be seen as a well-kept secret. It is seldom mentioned in most AD industry circles. In the rush to develop anaerobic digestion plants so far, most biogas project promoters have stuck to the most familiar methods of wet anaerobic digestion. However, in many countries the profitability of biogas projects will soon […]