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Food Waste in America – The Wasteful Facts of Unused US Meals

The food waste in America is huge. The facts show that this is both a major problem for the environment, and at the same time could be a great asset. In the USA, the population wastes so much food that correspondingly large quantities of renewable sustainable, 24/7 energy could be created from the 60 million […]

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List of Food Waste Depackaging and Separation Equipment Suppliers

The following is a list of “Food Waste Depackaging and Separation Equipment Suppliers”. The list is based upon our online search for, as far as possible, a complete list of global manufacturers/ suppliers of depackaging and separation machinery designed to treat mixed biowaste waste streams for the purpose of reuse and recycling in the anaerobic […]

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Food Waste Separators with Less Destructive Depackaging & Pulping Pre-treat SSOHW Better

Prior to anaerobic digestion, new food waste separators with advanced depackaging and pulping technology, when used to pre-treat Source-Separated Organic Household Waste (SSOHW), improve the purity of the organic pulp. Reject output streams were also purer than for earlier systems based on milling and shredding. That’s according to research by the Department of Environmental Engineering, […]

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Biogas Buses – What are they? and How are they Environmentally Friendly?

Biogas buses are catching on. What could be better than using biogas from the anaerobic digestion process to power transport fleets? The energy source is renewable, made from waste by-products, and the methane used in this fuel is clean-burning. Using it instead of using a fossil fuel like diesel removes the concerns for air pollution […]

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Digestate Separator Successfully Removes Plastic Packaging Waste from AD Plant Slurry

With the massive public concern about plastics entering the environment today’s news of a new digestate separator device that successfully removes plastic packaging waste, is very good news. It removes bits of food waste packaging, and other unwanted materials from entering the digester, and from the slurry which pours out of all wet-process biogas plants […]

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Stop Plastic Pollution on Land – A Plea for Tighter PAS 110 Rules

Here we lend our support to a move for tighter PAS 110 Rules to stop plastic pollution on land, as we believe that the UK’s specification for natural biogas fertiliser needs urgently updating to incorporate controls on the permissible amount of plastic. The ocean plastic pollution problem can only be solved if society puts a […]

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Mandatory Weekly Separate Food Waste Collections 1 Step Closer in England

Separate food waste collections are now one step closer in England as a result of an action by the departing Theresa May government. This is a move which, if the UK was going to make-good on a number of promises, has seemed to be an inevitable consequence of the stated policy. Yet, like so much […]