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Biomethane Bus Fleets and HGVs Proven Cleaner Cheaper and More Sustainable

The era of the biomethane bus has arrived in the UK as biomethane-powered buses and HGVs are also proving to be cleaner (satisfying Inner City Clean Air Act requirements) than diesel, cheaper to run and a lot more sustainable. Why a Biomethane Bus is So Much Better than Diesel Powered Biomethane has great potential as […]

Biomethane and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Biomethane and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

The UK Government RHI Subsidy scheme closed at midnight on 31 March 2022. If you are a biogas plant operator with an existing renewable heating system already accredited to DRHI, you will usually be able to receive the remainder of the payment as originally promised by the government within this scheme. The following article is the archive […]

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How to Reduce Methane Emissions – To be Quest for New Era of Waste Management

The extent to which we learn how to reduce methane emissions will make or break mankind’s success or failure over the next 10 years of the climate fight. Reducing methane discharges will be at the forefront in the quest for a new era of Waste Management because that discipline is the one that holds the […]

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Shell Produces Biogas at its 1st US Anaerobic Digestion Facility

Oil company Shell has entered the US biogas industry and is producing biomethane (where biogas is upgraded to biomethane and renewable compressed natural gas) at its first US AD facility. Now the anaerobic digestion industry has now truly gone mainstream! The Shell subsidiary company New Energies Junction City in Oregon is using locally sourced cow […]

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Anaerobic Digestion in Ukraine: The New Saudi of Sustainable Biogas Production?

The accelerating adoption of anaerobic digestion in Ukraine has led to speculation that the country may before long become the new “World’s Biggest Producer” of sustainable biogas and biomethane. Ukraine might export up to eight billion cubic metres of biomethane to Europe each year, thanks to a new law that recognises the country’s enormous potential. […]

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What is Biomethane and Anaerobic Digestion Gas to Grid Definition

It is a good question to ask; “What is biomethane and anaerobic digestion gas to grid”, but for the first part (biomethane) don’t expect always to get the same answer! Many people use the term biomethane interchangeably as if it means the same as biogas. In fact, when the term “biomethane” is used correctly the […]

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What is Biomethane? How It’s Made and Why It’s Renewable

On This Page What is Biomethane? How is Biomethane Produced? Is Biomethane Renewable? Advantages of Biomethane Upgrading Biogas to Biomethane Biomethane CO2 Emissions Biogas to Biomethane Process Biomethane Companies So, What is Biomethane? Biomethane is a renewable, flexible and easily storable, low air pollution and low carbon emission fuel, that can be used wherever natural […]