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Anerobic digestion of Kitchen Waste Scraping the plate

Anaerobic Digestion of Kitchen Waste – All You Need to Know

The anaerobic digestion of kitchen waste (also known as food waste anaerobic digestion) makes a lot of sense for urban communities which culturally have always prepared a lot of their food, especially where much of it is from vegetables they prepare themselves at home. In these circumstances there is a lot of organic vegetable kitchen waste […]

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intensive farming environmental emissions manure spreading

What is Digestate?

There is a simple answer to the question of what Digestate is. Digestate is what remains after anaerobic digestion (biogas digestion) and it is comprised of the solid fibrous material fraction emanating from the AD bio-reactor, and the liquid portion. Anaerobic digestion draws carbon, hydrogen and oxygen from the feedstock. However, the essential plant nutrients […]

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Korat lagoon AD biogas digester

Covered Anaerobic Lagoon Process

A simple, low capital cost, anaerobic digestion process. This process has been around since the development of geomembrane lining systems for low cost water storage in the 1950s, when it was soon realised that for site owners which possess abundant land the use of these linings to form lagoons provides the lowest possible cost for […]

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China Dry Animal Dung fuel agricultural biogas

Agricultural Biogas Production in China

Biogas production in China from agricultural organic waste is extensively utilised already and has potential to be developed further, to provide additional energy, and this is also highly sustainable energy for the nation. Even as long ago as the end of the 19th century, there were simple biogas digesters in operation in Southern China. 1932 saw the […]

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