Small Scale Anaerobic Digestion

Image of a small scale biogas plant.

Small Scale Biogas Plants for Home Cooking Fuel

The use of small scale biogas plants for home cooking fuel is gaining more followers in the developed nations all the time. These small Anaerobic Digestion Plants (or “biogas digesters”) are great for home cooking using the waste food (table scraps) every day from a young family can fuel a gas ring to heat up […]

Traditional biogas plant construction. in developing nations

Biogas Production in China – Agricultural, Domestic and at Community Scale

Biogas production in China from agricultural organic waste is extensively utilised already and has potential to be developed further, to provide additional energy, and this is also highly sustainable energy for the nation. Most speak of Chinese biogas for the Agricultural, Domestic and Community uses. This article is limited to those applications. Introduction Even as […]


Anaerobic Digestion in Ireland Can Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 68%

Anaerobic Digestion in Ireland can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 68%, say the top Irish bio-energy and composting trade bodies. This is a huge saving and surely one which any nation would want to implement? The remarkable claim is found in 3 reports produced in 2016 by sector experts NovaEnergo Company. If you watch our video […]

Small scale anaerobic digestion example Portugal

Small Scale Anaerobic Digestion for Supermarkets Takes Leap Forward

Small scale anaerobic digestion for supermarkets is a recent idea. But, with many large supermarket operators now either having on-site digesters, or using off-site AD facilities, it makes real sense. Small scale can be taken as the description for all anaerobic digestion plants in sizes ranging from a single dwelling, up to a community digester. […]