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Farm Digesters – The Book for all Farmer’s Interested in Starting an AD Project

Farm Digesters book Jonathan Letcher
Revealed: How Farm Digesters And Biogas Production Benefits Farmers
  • How Anaerobic Digesters work
  • Why farm businesses NEED them, and their well-known benefits
  • The little-known additional benefits which AD Plant owners usually only discover AFTER they build their own Biogas Plant
  • How to set up your own digester system.
Free postage to the UK. Non-UK Residents can purchase the Kindle eBook Version here at a lower price. Coupon only applies to purchases made through the link below.
What Biogas Industry Leaders Say About “Farm Digesters” by Jonathan Letcher
stock-2Richard Gueterbock
Director of British AD technology provider Clearfleau and
promoter of smaller scale on-site Anaerobic Digestion

“This is a great read for anyone interested in the smaller scale on-site anaerobic digester and its ability to generate energy from farm (and food processing) residues.”

stock-3Dr David Styles
Lecturer in Life Cycle Assessment at Bangor University

“”Farm Digesters” provides a clear and comprehensive overview of main challenges and opportunities facing the development of small-scale farm anaerobic digesters in the UK..”

stock-5Angela Bywater
BBSRC NIBB Network Manager at University of Southampton, and
Author of the RASE Report on Farm Digesters.

“A highly readable book that clearly outlines the considerable economic and environmental benefits of farm anaerobic digestion.”

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