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Landia Business Development Manager in China

China Recovers from COVID-19 with Chopper Pumps Order for Liquid Manure Application

Sponsor Landia has some good news as they announce a new order for Chopper Pumps for a liquid manure application as China recovers from COVID-19, and their Shanghai office re-opens.

They just need to get their office heating and air conditioning working and all will be well! Read on to find out more!

Press Release 8 April 2020

Post-Corona at back-to-work China as Landia win new order for pumps

China Recovers from COVID-19
Return to the office for Sunny (Jin), Tech Sales back-up for Landia in China.

With the reopening of its Shanghai office after the Coronavirus, Landia has sold a new batch of chopper pumps to China.

As business begins to get back to normal after a lengthy lockdown, the new order will see the chopper pumps used for a liquid manure application at a dairy farm in the northern part of China. The 18.5 kW pumps are for an expanding business that purchased its first unit from Landia five years ago. Arriving in Zhengzhou, the capital of China’s Henan province, the new pumps will make their journey via train from Hamburg, Germany, saving time, costs and reducing carbon footprint.

Landia’s Export Sales Director, Thorkild Maagaard, said: “it is very heartening to see life returning to normal for people, including our hard-working team in China, who have been extremely diligent whilst working from home”.

He added:

Landia's Danny Zhang, with Landia customer Mr. Chen.
On with business – Landia's Danny Zhang (right), with key Landia customer Mr. Chen from Huizhou

“Our Sales Manager Danny Zhang is already very busy bringing us new enquiries, and our Business Development Manager, Ya Sun, is also back to our office in Shanghai after more than four weeks of total isolation at home. The heating and air conditioning aren’t back on yet (hence wearing coats!), but everyone is mighty relived to be back at work and get on with doing business. We are very proud indeed of our resilient team in China who have shown tremendous determination throughout such a challenging time”.

This latest order for Landia – in the 70th anniversary of the Chopper Pump being invented by the company’s Christian Oelgaard – follows the investment made earlier in 2020 by the Beijing Anguo Water Treatment Automation Engineering Technology Company for 88 Landia mixers for the very gentle treatment of biofilm carriers in anaerobic and anoxic tanks.

End of Press Release

China Recovers from COVID-19

China Recovers from COVID-19. Landia Business Development Manager in China
Back to work at last – Landia Business Development Manager in China, Ya Sun.

The news from Landia is encouraging as it shows normal trade is beginning to revert to normal.

As the Chinese emerge from quarantine, factories are reopening more quickly than restaurants and retail outlets. Any business that relies on person-to person contact is still suffering, as consumers remain nervous about catching the sometimes fatal respiratory illness.

People are back at work. But they're not shopping. They're not going to restaurants. They're avoiding public places,”

Williams said.

The recovery is well underway and seems to be picking up steam“.

Yet roughly nine weeks after the authorities began urging people to return to work, many Chinese factories are just treading water. They are open for business but lack orders. Major exporters are especially troubled since their U.S. and European customers have been idled by the pandemic.

It may be July 1 before operations are back to normal, according to the German Chamber of Commerce in China. The Chinese economy this year will grow less than 3 percent, its weakest performance since 1976, S&P Global Ratings said. via

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