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Biogas Equipment

The equipment used in anaerobic digestion and biogas plants, including its design, installation, maintenance and operation. This includes innovative new developments in biogas equipment, pumps and gas engines. Dosing equipment and biomethane upgrading technologies are also included in this category.

Image shows an anaerobic covered lagoon.

Covered Anaerobic Lagoon Process and Manure Ponds for Biogas

A simple, low capital cost, anaerobic digestion process using the Covered Anaerobic Lagoon Process The process which we have named as the “Covered Anaerobic Lagoon Process” has been around since the development of geomembrane lining systems for low-cost water storage. This method of encapsulating a lagoon to make use of the biogas has been in […]

Amusing image of a potential 4 legged biogas power plants.

What is a Biogas Power Plant?

A Biogas Power Plant is essentially another name which has been coined recently for an anaerobic digestion plant. These are, also known as biogas digesters. As any technology becomes more successful and reaches a wider audience, so does it generate new names and the anaerobic digestion technology sector is no exception. To cover the entire […]

Biogas from crop residues, not the grain/ food crop.

Let’s Make Biogas from Straw Not Food Crops – Using Bioextrusion

Until now making biogas from straw and other similar grain crop residues has been considered uneconomic by the AD industry. But, that was before the advent of bioextrusion technology. Use of any food crops for energy production often attracts public criticism, although huge amounts of grain go to alcoholic drink production without that raising similar […]

Ultrasonic disintegration

How Ultrasonic Disintegration of Sewage Sludge Improves Wastewater Treatment Plant Biogas Outputs

Sewage sludge is notoriously slow to digest. Ultrasonic disintegration provides an environmentally responsible way to improve biogas output. Unsurprisingly wastewater treatment works biogas plant operators have been first to adopt ultrasonic disintegration. As the technology becomes further developed there is no reason why the AD industry won’t also adopt it’s use for other similarly slow […]

Slurry equipment for sale to pump.

Dairy Farmer Didn’t Believe New Slurry Equipment for Sale by Landia

A Dairy Farmer didn’t believe the performance of a “just fitted” item of Slurry Equipment for Sale. This is a story of success, and it comes to you from pump and mixer equipment manufacturer Landia. Yes! It does happen now and again, that things go so well that its hard believe what’s happening… It gave […]

Image is feature image for the Biogas Applications article.

The Application of Biogas – A List of the 7 Top Uses

The application of biogas in real-world uses has many advantages. First of all applying the biogas process (anaerobic digestion) is best known to be a renewable energy creator, and yet for some people the motivation in agriculture can increasingly be more to provide a waste management solution, than gain energy benefits. Let’s go back a […]

CC BY by PEO, Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives

Biogas Analysis and Gas Quality Monitoring of Anaerobic Digestion Processes

Biogas analysis and maximizing the efficiency of anaerobic digestion plants is gaining more attention as the anaerobic digestion industry matures. If you are seeking to find out more about this topic, read-on, because this article is for you! With the price for oil and gas on a seemingly unstoppable rising trend, biogas is in demand […]

Image illustrates the article

Silage Clamps – Planning and Building a New Silage Clamp

Silage clamps are so often hidden away and neglected, and yet they are vital part of every agricultural biogas plant. The storage of forage stocks (silage) is vital for those times in every year when AD feedstocks are in short supply from other sources. Undoubtedly, the average farm business should pay them more attention, especially since […]

Image is the digestate spreading feature image.

Digestate Spreading – Best Practise Equipment and Application

In this article on Digestate Spreading we have brought together the most authoritative information on the best practice, the equipment, and the application of digestate. We start with a definition of what digestate spreading is, and we go on to cover digestate produced to PAS110 Quality Protocol standard. That’s followed by the best practice from […]

Image is feature image showing 3 biogas digester lessons.

3 Biogas Digester Lessons You Can Benefit From Today

A biogas digester is required to make biogas. A biogas digester (anaerobic digestion plant) is a sealed container holding water and bacteria, which is fed organic matter to be broken down, and which collects the resultant biogas. The biogas is tapped off from an inverted drum or plastic membrane collector, either to a collector for […]