Anaerobic Digestion of Biomass

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Advantages of Anaerobic Digestion

The advantages of anaerobic digestion are many and varied. We pick out those that have the biggest impact, and are most often quoted. Anaerobic digestion technology produces benefits that are both environmentally and financially sustainable. By reducing fossil fuels the technology reduces the need for fossil fuels, and in this way is inherently a climate […]

anaerobic digestion of biomass illustrated using the title graphic.

7 Tips to Assess If the Anaerobic Digestion of Biomass Will Benefit a Food Company

Anaerobic digestion of biomass can be of real benefit to some food companies which prepare food products of all types, but these companies often don’t appreciate the biomass asset which lurks unseen in the highly organic content of their food processing waste. In fact, until recently almost none of the companies which might benefit from […]