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  • Bioferm Energy Systems

    BIOFerm™ Energy Systems Review

    Established in 2007, BIOFerm™ Energy Systems is a renewable energy company that designs and constructs BIOFerm™ biogas plants in North […]

  • Imtech AD Review

    Imtech describes themselves as having an enviable track record in developing award-winning, environmentally sustainable solutions. The company has good reason to describe itself as a leading delivery partner for major AD projects in the UK.

  • FLI Energy Review

    Waterford, Ireland, based FLI Energy offer turnkey installation of both “agri” and “industrial” scale AD facilities. They are partnered by HoSt bv

  • Eisenmann Biogas Review

    Based in Germany, with offices in in 10 countries worldwide, Eisenmann Biogas offers solutions in anaerobic digestion, organic waste management, […]

  • Hochreiter biogas review image

    Hochreiter Biogas Review

    Biogas EPC Contractor Hochreiter GmbH was an early starter in the pioneering days in the fermentation gas industry. In 1985 Johann Hochreiter built its first biological gas facility and the company has been designing and building anaerobic digestion plants ever since. Today Hochreiter is a very experienced planner of biological gas facilities, a supplier for fermentation gas technology and describes the company as a full AD plant service offerer.