Biogas Renewable Energy

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The Advantages of Biogas

The advantages of biogas are many. Among the greatest advantages are that the renewable energy produced, substitutes fossil fuels and thus reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases. Plus, it does it at a cost much lower than by most other techniques. In addition to the multiple renewable energy advantages of biogas are the soil fertilizer and […]

Image shows ADBA's Charlotte Morton illustrating disappoinment at UK biogas Feed-In Tarrif closure.

Feed-In Tariff Closing – UK Government Fails to Support Biogas Small-Scale Renewable Energy

A Feed-In Tariff (FIT) consultation is underway, but the fact is that the UK FIT will end in just 9 months. In truth it is inexplicable why the UK government will not be updating and extending the FIT for electricity produced from biogas production from wastes using the AD process. The problem for anaerobic digestion […]