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Image showing Advantages of gas to grid Anaerobic Digestion

Advantages of Biomethane Gas to Grid AD Plants

In this article we will explain the advantages of biomethane gas to grid AD plants, but before we start on that, we thought we would be sure to bring all readers along with us by explaining what we mean by “gas to grid” anaerobic digestion plants. The difference between a “gas to grid” biogas plant and a […]


Anaerobic Digestion in Ireland Can Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 68%

Anaerobic Digestion in Ireland can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 68%, say the top Irish bio-energy and composting trade bodies. This is a huge saving and surely one which any nation would want to implement? The remarkable claim is found in 3 reports produced in 2016 by sector experts NovaEnergo Company. If you watch our video […]