Biogas from Waste and Renewable Resources: An Introduction

Biogas from wasteThis highly educational and influential volume, which we recommend, is a book which can be ordered from Amazon.

It offers a practical intro to biogas plant design and operation, and the writer covers both the biological and technical elements of biogas generation.

The complete range of biogas substrates and processing strategies are explained, from rural and economic waste to sea algae and sediment.

On-site use of biogas for conversion into electricity, fuel and heat is also debated, as are safety and regulatory issues. The writers have used lots of real-world examples of EU biogas plants already in operation to explain the contents, and there also are many schemes, diagrams and outline tables to make the invaluable concepts conveyed easily understandable.

For this newly updated edition, the writers have included the current advances in the processing of biomass that now permit a bigger range of feedstock substrates to be used.

They have also extended the biogas analysing sections, and included a new chapter on the quality controls needed for feeding biogas into natural gas networks, which is the first we have seen in any volume.

There’s also a new chapter on the microbiology of biogas-producing bacterial communities. In our view, this is necessary reading for every one of those intending to make an investment in anaerobic digestion plants.

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