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AD Contractor List spreadsheet Pro-Version

The UK List of Anaerobic Digestion Plant Contractors & Suppliers – Pro Version

A List of UK Turnkey Contractors and Specialist Equipment Suppliers for Anaerobic Digestion Plants (Biogas Digesters) There are more than 70 companies listed with each company’s United Kingdom business address, phone number, and website url/ link as in our free version of the same spreadsheet contact emails. However, this paid version also contains: Contact email […]

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eBook Cover Selecting a Suitable AD Process

Selecting an Appropriate Technology for an Anaerobic Digestion Plant

The primary considerations for choosing a particular Anaerobic Digestion Technology and specialist contractor are described, and links and resources to further information are provided. This ebook is for all those planning all but the simplest and smallest AD Plants, and is aimed at all farm scale and larger projects which will be built by a […]

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