The Anaerobic Digestion Plant Project Development Process

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“How to Develop Your Biogas Project from Feasibility Study to Revenue Earning”

Presented by: Steve Last.

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This is for all those that are really serious about starting an Anaerobic Digestion Plant Project. Stop reading now if you are only casually browsing – this is not for you…

In this video Steve provides a short introduction into the main stages of any AD project, and then moves on to display a comprehensive flow chart of all the major tasks needed to transform the “idea” into reality.

The rest of the time is spent on this chart, working through each of the project tasks, with Steve describing the work needed within each task, explaining how the technical work feeds into the decision making process from initial study to hand-over.

This is a serious teaching aid. Do not expect fancy graphics and images, as these would simply distract from Steve’s aim, which is to leave the viewer with a clear understanding of what it takes to bring one of these plants from drawing board to reality.

Steve has used multimedia software to make this video by screen capture. You will see exactly what Steve was looking at on screen as he talks and he hovers his mouse over the salient areas of the chart.

The great advantage of this method is that the project flow chart which at first appears impenetrably complex becomes a “road map” which the AD Plant promoter/ client/ developer/ Local Authority Waste Management Officer/ estates or farm manager (to name but a few), can then work through. This is the closest thing we know of to a Start to Finish “blue-print” for the creation of a revenue earning biogas facility.

Steve has tried to include, in his presentation, for all plant types from budget priced agricultural systems to Local Authority projects serving town, and city MSW biogas digestion demands. The training is UK based, but US and other international buyers will find that the principles discussed remain the same.

Although Steve concentrates on the regulatory requirements for England and Wales, the presentation would be very useful to those planning to build biogas installations overseas, as the structure of the project would be similar. For most other regions and nations only minor differences to the flow chart are thought likely.

Bonus Materials

The following video presentations, by other presenters, each of approximately 40 minutes, are also included:

  • Waste processing facility Development Strategy
  • Waste processing facility Financial Planning for Private Charter investment (i.e. Getting big bank funding for up to 85% for large Waste Plant facilities (including AD Plants))

No Liability

Steve is quite specific about requirements for the range of projects described, but the information provided is only given for general educational and illustrative purposes. Some projects may be simpler than the presentation describes and some may be a lot more more complex, and extended. This is the nature of this work – each plant is to a large extent a prototype plant, with all the implications of risk both financial and technical, that the development of original works entail.

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