Biogas Methane Explained and other articles 250x250

Biogas Methane Explained & Other Articles

Biogas Methane Explained and other articles 250x250FREE DOWNLOAD!

Biogas Methane Explained is our most popular bonus ebook. It has been downloaded many thousands of times since it was written.

It is a compilation of articles we have written outlining the main benefits of biogas production from the anaerobic digestion process. In these articles we have endeavoured to explain:

  • Why biogas is “green” and  renewable when used as an energy source,especially when the feed materials are wastes, and
  • How it is produced by the anaerobic digestion (AD) process.

A number of methods of producing methane biogas using AD are also discussed. Which means that this ebook is both an INTRODUCTION for those who are new to this subject and an UPDATE to those that know a bit about the subject, but want to know more, or simply refresh their minds.

[box type=”alert” style=”rounded” border=”full”]This was our first ebook and it is our oldest, and consequently it is now rather dated. We continue to provide this book as a download only because it is so popular. However, we now have many other books available on this website and we suggest that you look at those as it is likely that there is another one which you will find more useful, if you spend a few moments to look around this website further.[/box]

“Biogas Methane Explained”

Click the download button below because. It won’t take long to:

  • Understand what biogas methane is, and how it is produced
  • Appreciate how low cost biogas digesters can often bring big advantages to farmers
  • Be knowledgeable about how anaerobic digestion is used to make energy and biofuel from municipal solid waste (MSW)
  • Be one of those that sees the advantages of combined anaerobic digestion with composting of municipal solid waste (MSW)
  • Know why it is that increasingly biogas plants are receiving political backing in many countries

In short: Readers will understand exactly what biogas methane is and the positive implications for our planet of its increased production and use.

Author: Steve Last

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    • Michael
    • March 3, 2012

    It’s an Excellent site! Keep up the Good work to save the Universe from the current Global Warming threat!!!
    More informations available.

    All The Best!

    • العاب
    • March 4, 2012

    Deserve praise for this nice download.

    • Steve
    • February 14, 2017

    Thank you for your compliments. They are most welcome!

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