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Free eBook “The Anaerobic Digestion Habit That Could Save Earth”

The Free eBook “The Anaerobic Digestion Habit That Could Save Earth” is a 24 page fact-filled technical document which we have compiled from a public domain educational source, known as the Iowa University Wiki. The book has a variety of topics about anaerobic digestion, and biogas production.

Anaerobic digestion Habit ebook cover 3D imageThe information is well presented, and includes many diagrams and graphics.

Why do we call it the “anaerobic digestion habit”? That’s because we firmly believe that when society becomes familiar with all the many advantages of anaerobic digestion, it will become just a habit to recycle our energy, and fertiliser, through the use of the anaerobic digestion process, and the biogas that the AD process produces. By doing that, man’s need for non-renewable fossil fuels will continuously diminish, and that could save earth from run-away climate change.

This publication can be read both at the level of the newcomer to AD, but experienced users will also find some very useful information.

For example, there is a section on Anaerobic Digestion Plant Capital Requirements which may be very useful to US farmers considering how much US dairy farm AD Plants cost. In this they provide costs assessed for the example of a dairy (cow) farm in the US.  However, the document could have been made be more useful on this subject, if more information had been included on any available, central government or, state by state, subsidy sources in the US.

Nevertheless, notwithstanding the above, we still strongly recommend this download to all our readers, who want to understand anaerobic digestion and the nature of the plants which are being designed to provide it.

We have provided the contents table below, so why not try it out?

The Anaerobic Digestion Habit Contents


Description of Anaerobic Digestion
The Steps of Anaerobic Digestion
Types of Digesters

– Complete Mix Digester (CMD)
– Plug Flow Reactor (PFR)
– Covered Lagoon


– Energy Potential
– Livestock Outputs

Greenhouse Gas Reduction


– Capital Requirements
– Public Incentives


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    WTF. I wanna be convinced it’s worth saving a pension. Anaerobic digestion habit – is this any good? There has to be way to stop climate havoc. Much thanks for ta download.

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