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how to operate a biogas plant ebook cover

How to Operate a Biogas Plant – Free eBook

This ebook, which explains how to operate a biogas plant, titled “How to operate and Anaerobic Digestion Plant” is required reading for anyone planning a biogas plant for a farm, supermarket chain, food processing plant, market garden etc. If this is you, this FREE  ebook is just what you need to get started. You’ll find out in […]

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An Introduction to Anaerobic Digestion Feasibility Studies

An Introduction to Anaerobic Digestion Feasibility Studies

So You Want to Build an AD Plant? eBook: UK Version 1.2, January 2006 Anaerobic Digestion Feasibility Studies Explained This was our first product, but despite it being older than most ebooks you will see offered on the web, it still remains current, and is great value for such specialized information. It remains as a unique […]

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Biogas Methane Explained and other articles 250x250

Biogas Methane Explained & Other Articles

FREE DOWNLOAD! Biogas Methane Explained is our most popular bonus ebook. It has been downloaded many thousands of times since it was written. It is a compilation of articles we have written outlining the main benefits of biogas production from the anaerobic digestion process. In these articles we have endeavoured to explain: Why biogas is “green” […]

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AD Contractor List spreadsheet Pro-Version

The UK List of Anaerobic Digestion Plant Contractors & Suppliers – Pro Version

A List of UK Turnkey Contractors and Specialist Equipment Suppliers for Anaerobic Digestion Plants (Biogas Digesters) There are more than 70 companies listed with each company’s United Kingdom business address, phone number, and website url/ link as in our free version of the same spreadsheet contact emails. However, this paid version also contains: Contact email […]

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Image for a Discontinued-product

The Anaerobic Digestion Plant Project Development Process

Video Download and Online Video: Main presentation 40 minutes duration “How to Develop Your Biogas Project from Feasibility Study to Revenue Earning” Presented by: Steve Last. Take a look at our new product which covers the same subject, here. This is for all those that are really serious about starting an Anaerobic Digestion Plant Project. Stop […]

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Biogas from waste

Biogas from Waste and Renewable Resources: An Introduction

This highly educational and influential volume, which we recommend, is a book which can be ordered from Amazon. It offers a practical intro to biogas plant design and operation, and the writer covers both the biological and technical elements of biogas generation. The complete range of biogas substrates and processing strategies are explained, from rural […]

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US Farm Biogas

Current Progress in US Dairy Farm Biogas Development

FREE DOWNLOAD! A short Five Article Report to explain the very interesting recent developments occurring in the Dairy Farm Biogas scene in the US. Steve Last wrote this short ebook in March 2009 for professionals and students seeking information about biogas digesters on US Dairy Farms, and we very much hope you will find it […]

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