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Step by Step 
Guidance leads aspiring biogas plant owners through the tasks needed to develop a successful Anaerobic Digestion Plant.

Low Lead Time 

Method focuses on most important project viability factors, when to negotiate and move on, saving time.

DIY Project Dev 

Do your own project development. Save on professional fees, avoid pitfalls.

Written from a UK viewpoint, and with the general approach outlined, this works throughout most developed nations.
So You Can Quickly Understand...
  • Whether an available site is suitable
  • Whether a potential feedstock is suitable
  • Factors likely to cause planning problems
  • Whether an available site is suitable
  • Handling seasonal feedstock variations
  • Assessing best energy sales route
  • How to gain credibility with EPC Contractors
  • Pilot scale tests for biogas yield assessment
Be part of the biogas revolution which in the US has been finally recognised
in the USDA and EPA's "Biogas Roadmap" target for over 10,000 AD Plants by 2020!
There is a global opportunity for those that act fast to build anaerobic digestion facilities and profit from renewable energy sales. Technological improvements in biogas technology now make this a reality, and in many locations, especially in the developed nations, governments that are being heavily criticized for solar and wind subsidies, are ony too happy to incentivise those that make energy from waste organic material.

In fact, increasingly, governments will be forced to rely on the biogas industry to provide a large proportion of the renewable energy targets they have signed up to, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2014 the USDA and EPA issued a combined document explaining why they encourage those in agriculture and the waste management industry to build commercial biogas plants, and citing the many successful projects recently completed, especially in the US dairy farming industry.

The result was that they identified a potential 11,000 such farms, targeting each of them to become renewable energy (biogas businesses, within 5 years!

Now is the perfect time to build an anaerobic digestion facility. Grab additional feedstocks as long-term waste disposal contracts from business and local councils who otherwise don't know what to do with it! But, don't wait too long as feedstocks that are plentiful now will eventually become scarcer as more AD Plants are built...
Learn How to Set Up Your Own Commercial Biogas Plant
Step by Step by Watching These Training Videos...
What Users Think About IPPTS
What ordinary business people think about IPPS. No special qualifications are needed to do this! Anyone can make a success of a biogas plant, and at least 10,000 businesses will create their own Anaerobic Digestion Plant businesses by 2020, in the US alone! Those are USDA and the USEPA's predictions and targets, not ours!
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"I like the emphasis on process and the writer's experience with units in place."
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"Contents are clear and well exposed. I do not like sites full of graphics, multimedia, and banners but low of contents. Simple but functional. Good job!"
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"Brilliant and easy to understand. We truly believe that our community will benefit greatly from a biogas plant. Your site has helped us understand the alternatives. Thank you."
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Sunbiogy Group "Brilliant and easy to understand. Far better biogas than the incinerator, which the council has decided is the only viable option to reduce landfill. It is a sad fact that incinerating our waste still leaves us with up to 50% of our waste as toxic ash which has to be put in to landfill risking contaminating our water table. Your site helped our case for food waste collection. Thank you."
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"Thorough and valuable information provided. Interesting general view for the biogas renewable energy argument. Strong on the success status of the technologies."

What You Get With
"How to Start a Profitable Anaerobic Digestion Business in 9 Steps" 
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  • The course contents is also provided as an ebook. "How to Start a Profitable Anaerobic Digestion Business", by Steve Last (IPPTS Associates)
This book provides the contents of this essential training course for those that like their information in traditional book form.
  • Nine videos, each one explaining the next step to take toward turning a biogas plant project from a great idea, into a working anaerobic digestion facility
Watch and listen. Take action, and return to watch the next step! It's that simple! There is nothing quite like this to avoid your dream of a renewable energy biogas business, getting lost in the complexity of the" design, build, commission and operate" process of getting a biogas plant construction project off-the-ground!
  • A free copy of our List of Biogas Plant Contractors and Suppliers (UK and US versions).
To provide essential help with selecting a biogas Plant Contractor for your project. These are the premium versions of the popular spreadsheet lists, also sold elsewhere on our website, each contains full address and contact details.
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