Exciting Era for Innovation and Expansion in AD!

The AD process is rapidly gaining global recognition for the benefits it can bring at a wide range of levels.

In August 2014 the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) published a Biogas Opportunities Roadmap of “voluntary actions to reduce methane emissions
and increase energy independence, which includes a target for 11,000 additional agricultural anaerobic digestion (biogas) plants by 2020. 

That's more than 2,000 new AD plants a year for anaerobic digestion companies to design, build and commission, just in the agricultural waste sector, not to mention plants which will be built to process Food Waste, and a score of other waste categories which can similarly benefit from the technology.

But it's not just in the US that many new AD plants will be built, other nations involved in large expansions in AD before 2020 are, for example:

  • Most EU nations – to comply with policy changes (large commercial plants)
  • India, China, Pakistan, Philippines (mostly small or community sized, self-help craftsman-built plants)
  • Most African states (especially Kenya), Vietnam, Nepal, Indonesia (ditto),


And, that's to name just a few!

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