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Benefits of Anaerobic Digestion

a) Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces carbon emissions and can contribute to national renewable energy targets
  • Only biogas (and some carbon dioxide) is taken out, so valuable nutrients are recycled back into the soil
  • Digestate may also be used as a feedstock for other biofuel production and for innovative fibre building materials
  • AD creates skilled ‘green’ jobs and contributes to growth in the local economy
  • When used in conjunction with segregated municipal waste collection, it reduces waste sent to landfill
  • Sanitizes waste output providing a reduced public health hazard/ reduces pollution risk.


b) Benefits to Those That Own and Operate AD Plants

  • Landfill taxation costs reduced, transportation costs can be less
  • Owning an AD plant lends authority to the owner organisation’s green credentials
  • Possible government incentive payments available
  • Secures a reliable long-term waste disposal route for the plant owners own waste
  • Potential for truly profitable sales of outputs.
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