Anaerobic Digestion Plant EPC Contractor Reviews


The scoring of stars has been made by assessing each contractor using information about each organisation based upon the public material which is freely and readily available on the internet, against the criteria listed.

The number of stars awarded is subjective, and also depends upon how much information we were able to find during our research on that organisation.

All users must bear in mind that the scores are necessarily only based upon the best assumptions that could be made on the limited data available, and little if any value should be assigned to the scores and rankings given. It is quite possible that a biogas plant promoter / client may find another and better EPC contractor which has simply omitted to provide suitable information online for us to find.

The best EPC contractor for any particular project will vary greatly and far more factors than we have considered will have a bearing upon the suitability of the EPC contract partner for any one client. A search facility is provided, and all site visitors are recommended to type in their requirements and search the site for the fullest appreciation of all the contractors we have reviewed, any one of which may be suitable for you to contact and request further information on their biogas plant EPC contract capabilities.