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xergi-biogas-plant-imageXergi is a well established anaerobic digestion plant contractor, providing a full service generally as an EPC contractor. The company is a 50% owned subsiduary within the Dalgasgroup, and Aktieselskabet Schouw & Co. owns the remaining part of the company.

The company which offers innovative biogas solutions through raising bioloical efficiency, has approximately 60 employees in Denmark, subsidiaries in the UK and France, as well as representative offices around the world. Xergi’s activities include collaboration with international researchers, for example through the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences and Technical University of Denmark.

Xergi launches new innovative technologies, which are described by the company as being based on more than 25 years of experience in the construction of biogas plants, and also thoroughly assessed in the company’s testing facility, where Xergi tests new biogas concepts for its customers.

Xergi works with Novozymes. Thomas Schafer, senior director for new business development at Novozymes, has said that representatives of Novozymes and Xergi, will work together on subjects such as increasing the robustness of biogas plants by developing technologies and microbes that are insensitive to the incoming feedstock, and by improving the efficiency of the process to raise the yield of energy. Novozymes reports that they have one of the most diverse collections of bacteria and fungi, and the company will screen for microbes that can help to meet the set targets. Xergi is seen as excelling in engineering and will be the natural designers of new technologies, with Novozymes fitting their biological solutions into Xergi’s technology solutions.

Xergi Case Studies

As the self proclaimed “Denmark’s leading Anaerobic Digestion technology supplier”, Xergi is well placed to develop and support customers in the UK. With over 20 years of experience Xergi’s design focus suits UK feed-stocks by optimising gas production and minimising downtime.

Environmental Power Corporation is a developer, owner, and operator of renewable energy production facilities. Their principal operating subsidiary, Microgy, Inc., develops and operates proven large scale, commercial anaerobic digestion based projects which produce versatile renewable energy as methane-rich biogas. This is produced from livestock waste and other organic sources.

Under the terms of an agreement with the Environmental Power Corporation, EPG and its wholly owned subsidiary, Microgy, Inc., have exclusive licensing rights for Xergi’s technology. In addition, EPG and Xergi collaborate on the development and use of other technologies and techniques such as the use of micro-organisms and enzymes, which are used to enhance the production of biogas from manure and other organic substrates.

During 2011, Xergi’s French subsidiary, Xergi SAS, are thought to have supplied a biogas plant to the French bio-energy company META-BIO Energies in the town of Bel-Air de Combrée in western France. France is investing heavily in biogas for electricity, heating and distribution via its natural gas grid. Increased subsidy will kick-start the French biogas market, and new projects are already in the pipeline, Xergi has stated in France.

Xergi is to build a large anaerobic-digestion plant in Scotland to produce 2 MW of electricity. The company is a leading supplier of this technology in Denmark, and the Scottish plant will be capable of processing 80,000 t of organic waste a year.

An ambitious project to establish a new biogas plant to supply Arlas production at Videbk, Denmark, is in progress. Arla Foods, Amba and Xergi A/S are in partnership on the project. The biogas plant is to supply the energy-hungry processes at Danmarks Protein (DP) and Arinco with biogas instead of natural gas. The plant will be capable of reducing CO2 emissions from production.

This is just a short selection of case studies which have been reported on the internet, and there are doubtless many more at the company’s website.

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