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schmack_biogas-plant-imageSchmack Biogas AG (Schmack Biogas) is described on various webpages as a leading supplier of biogas plants in Germany, and is an EPC Contractor. It is described as owning and operating biogas plants together with joint venture partners. However, in October 2009, Schmack filed for bankruptcy before construction had gotten underway on a then current project. The project was instead sold to GmbH. The company appears to have been rescued when the Viessman Group took over Schmack, at the start of 2010, and it continued doing business as Schmack Biogas GmbH within the Viessman Group. Therefore, we asuume that case studies prior to 2012 refer to the previous company prior to its ownership by the Viessman Group.

Schmack offers various trademarked plant systems, including EUCO Titan, COCCUS Titan, AIO Cogeneration unit and PASCO feeding system. The company provides both technical support as well as microbiological services for the biogas plants. The company describes their targeted customer groups as being agricultural clients, energy utilities and capital investors. The company’s is headquarters are in Schwandorf, Germany.

Information available on the internet suggests that Schmack Biogas (presumably mostly under previous ownership) has built over 221 plants with combined nominal output of approximately 75 MW. There are we understand many further anaerobic digestion plants in the planning phase (4.000 kWel). The company has invested in the past large amounts of resources in research concerning micro-bacteriology activity in the AD process. The company has a lot of experience of the anaerobic digestion process in operation which enables it to offer a “Fit for Biogas” program assisting the operators with the optimal process control.

The company has a joint venture with Cornes AG, Japan, as result at least one biogas plant has been installed in Japan.

The company has received in the past many awards and prices for its innovative work. One of the largest research projects carried out has been funded by the German Government concerning the use of Biogas in Fuel Cells. One of the main results was that the biogas cleaning is a key element for operating successfully a high temperature fuel cell. They are reportedly taking part in the development of a new innovative filter for siloxane and H2S removal, as they have become aware that many of their clients are searching for solutions to removing these chemicals from biogas.

Schmack Biogas firmly believes that stable processes, lead to maximum profit. To deliver that it employs staff which provide a full-service providers to the industry. Apart from technical support, the company stresses the importance of its comprehensive microbiological service in delivering high reactor efficiency and low down-time. Through its newly established subsidiary, Schmack Energie Holding, the company now also invests in the operation of its own biogas plants.

Schmack Biogas Wins Award

Schmack was the first company in Germany to feed biogas into the natural gas grid, and has received awards. The 7th EUBIA Industry Award was presented to Schmack Biogas AG for its “outstanding contribution to the development of the biomass energy sector.” Schmack Biogas was chosen because of its pioneering activity in biogas development in Germany and Europe, and for its commitment to modern and industrial-scale production of biogas.

Schmack built its first bio-methane plant in Pliening, Germany, and the company went on to build one of the largest plants in Europe at its headquarters in Schwandorf. Currently, three bio-methane plants built by Schmack are in operation and four plants are under construction.

As a result of the pioneering efforts of this company and others in Germany, renewable energy is already contributing over 14 percent to the electricity supply in Germany. It is reported that the idea that wind energy, photovoltaic and bioenergy plants can replace electricity from nuclear and coal plants is no longer disputed in that nation, and thus the influence of companies like Schmack on moving Germany industry toward sustainability should not be underestimated. In fact, the joint project of Schmack Biogas, SolarWorld and Enercon links and controls 36 decentralised wind, hydropower, solar power and biogas installations so that they can cover the electricity demand in any weather conditions by tapping into the unequally distributed energy potential across Germany.

Schmack Biogas Case Study

Schmack Biogas AG ( has sold an 11.8-megawatt (MW) energy crop biogas plant to be located in Aiterhofen, Germany to E.ON Bioerdgas GmbH. Once completed, the plant will produce some 16.5 million cubic metres of biogas annually. Reportedly, this will be fed into the natural gas grid of Energienetze Bayern GmbH, with marketing to be handled by E.ON Bioerdgas. More than 150 regional farmers will supply the required raw material mix of maize, whole plant and grass silage and catch crops to the plant.

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