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kompagas-axpo_anaerobic-plantAxpo Kompogas AG produces energy and bio fertilizers from organic waste in more the 65 fermentation plants around the world.

Since its founding in 1991, the Kompogas brand has been acting as an EPC Contractor providing innovative recycling of green wastes for energy recovery. In Switzerland, Axpo Kompogas Ltd operates more than a dozen plants and new plants are also planned in western and southern Switzerland.

Axpo Kompogas Ltd has its head office in the Axpo new energies centre of excellence in Glattbrugg (ZH). From its headquarters here, the company designs and constructs new plants all over the world, and licences the use of the patented Kompogas technology. Kompgas systems are modular and plants can be any size, according to the number of modules installed. We understand that the largest of them is in Qatar. At 275,000 tonnes per annum, this plant has a greater capacity than all the Axpo Kompogas Ltd plants in Switzerland put together.

Kuttner (UK) is the Kompgas Plant UK rpresentative which provides a range of technical engineered solutions to the renewable energy and waste sectors. For those that seek a Kompoas plant in the UK Kuttner will be their licensee for KOMPOGAS technology.

Kuttner UK, is part of the Kuttner Group which specialises in renewable energy and related environmental technologies for the UK and all-Ireland. In particular, they specialize in running on solid organic waste feedstocks, and reject materials.

The Unique Kompogas Business Service

Axpo Kompogas Ltd. is a technology leader in anaerobic dry fermentation having made itself a reputation as a plant operator and manufacturer. The develop plants directly, or in cooperation with partners. In this process, customers are supported right through from the initial project idea, through financing and implementation. Axpo Kompogas Ltd. was one of the first organisations to appreciate the potential for biogas, and it has been producing biogas from municipal and industrial organic waste for over 20 years.

The biogas there plants produce is used to generate green electricity and heat, so far, but can also be used as a fuel. The fermentation residues from their biogas process, are returned to the soil as organic fertiliser for agricultural use, which is thought to be good for future generations as it closes the ecological cycle for carbon.

Kompogas as Energy Supplier

As an energy supply company, Axpo AG is involved in electricity production and grid operation as well as trading and sales. Axpo AG produces electricity for its customers from a variety of sources including nuclear energy, hydropower and new energies. Axpo AG employs more than 1,800 people and is wholly owned by Axpo Holding AG, which belongs to the cantons of Northeastern Switzerland.

Kompogas biogas is also a registered trademark used for Machinery For the Treatment of Organic Material For the Production of Biogas and Compost, Namely Feed Pumps, Presses, Agitators, Mixers and Screw Conveyors.

In order to improve the service life of its biogas plants, the Swiss company is reported to have decided to use a measurement technology solution from HBM. Sensors be securely and permanently installed in the wet and aggressive environment of a fermenter and last for long periods. This is a hard to accomplish solution which uses a process that HBM developed for offshore applications in the open sea.

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