Hochreiter Biogas Review

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Hochreiter biogas review imageThe biogas from biomass fermentation EPC Contractor Hochreiter GmbH was an early starter in the pioneering days in the fermentation gas industry. In 1985 Johann Hochreiter built its first biological gas facility and the company has been designing and building anaerobic digestion plants ever since. Today Hochreiter is a very experienced planner of biological gas facilities, a supplier for fermentation gas technology and describes the company as a full AD plant service offerer.

Hochreiter GmbH is well known for its agitators and it has several famous brand names in the fermentation gas equipment field to its name. BHKW Johann Hochreiter fermentation gas planning consultation GmbH offer to provide a detailed report of their fianancial standing from Dun & Bradstreet, and current Register of Companies information.

The farmer, founder and owner Hans Hochreiter has been operating a biogas plant himself for more than 25 years. 1200 kWel of plant capacity has been installed so far. They began by designing biogas plants fed with organic residues. However, in 2004 the operation was converted to energy crops.

Their unique experience is that they have gathered more than 25 years of operational experience which they believe shows in the biogas plants they design. They refer to their test results and analyses which they say have always been implemented immediately and are already built-in at the planning stage.

They offer:

  • CHP (combined heat and power units) up to 330kWel
  • CHP (combined heat and power units) over 330kWel
  • Highly efficient paddle agitators in vertical and horizontal design
  • Blenders and submersible agitators
  • Slurry pumps, slides (manual and pneumatic), vat filling stations
  • Control cabinets (manual or visualized) incl. cabling
  • Pipeline construction for liquid manure, gas and heat distribution of the combined heat and power¬†units)
  • Feeding technology

Their mission:

  • your stable will turn into a coal mine
  • your field will turn into a natural gas field
  • your organic residues will turn into an oil well!

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