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Update: December 2015 – This company appears to have been bought by Doosan and is now operating as Doosan Enpure. The following article should be read with that in mind.

Enpure is an established provider of wet anaerobic digestion plants. For over 20 years, the company has successfully undertaken many installations for the treatment of various organic wastes.

Enpure Limited are a process contractor providing anaerobic digestion plants, they offer key biogas technologies through to our core skill of turnkey anaerobic digestion plant design and build treatment/ processing facilities. They are described as having a long history in the supply of sewage sludge digestion plant and more recently have, for example according to reports on the internet, been providing autoclaving technology for a 320,000tpa merchant waste processing facility and have been bidding for the supply of two major AD-MBT facilities for residual waste in the UK. The company changed its name from PURAC in 2006.

Enpure offers their engineering services not only to the Waste and Water sectors but also to the broader industrial sector including Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and Power. The range of these services puts them in the category of EPC Contractor as they provide feasibility studies, design services, due diligence, project management, commissioning and start up, plant optimisation, and operational support. The company provides a range of services from design only, technology supply through to full design and build. Post contract support is also provided, process auditing/optimisation, service and maintenance. An innovative company with an enviable track record, Enpure takes a flexible approach, keen to work collaboratively with clients and partners. The company are industry leaders particularly in water treatment, sludge treatment, drying and energy recovery from waste with their main clients coming from the UK water companies. Key engineering skills are retained in house including an impressive systems capability. Enpure is accredited to ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.

They individually tailor their involvement in projects to meet each clients needs, often complementing the internal capabilities of their clients, to provide the best added value for their clients. These services are offered to both in the UK, and in international markets.

Enpure Uniqueness

Enpure describes themselves as retaining all relevant engineering disciplines in house, and thus ensuring deliverability. Much of their business is carried out under long term partnering and collaborative working arrangements. They “blend technology and creativity with a forward thinking approach to working with clients and partners”. They see building relationships as being as important as building process plant.

They have the most experience in the traditional AD Plant used for waste water treatment plant sludge digestion, and can use their own in-house technologies where appropriate, such as the Enflo-vite™ technology which “extends the conventional and generally accepted process envelope for dissolved air flotation”.

They are reported as having had an involvement in more than 4,000 plants in 60 countries which have been built to their designs. The company licenses the sonix ultrasound sewage treatment technology sold through Sonico, a joint venture with Atkins. PURAC was a part of the support services division of water utility AWG (Anglian Water Group), until its management (in partnership with Aberdeen Asset Management) bought out the company at the end of 2006.

Enpure and Anaerobic Digestion

Their website has a whole section devoted to their AD expertise.

They take the industry view that AD technology is now thorughly proven and has a demonstrable track record and importantly; “it works”. Enpure offers to provide details of its many reference plants for this technology.

Enpure “BTA” – AD Technology for Solid Waste

The BTA process was developed in the late 1980’s, to transform bio-waste (the organic fraction of municipal solid waste) from households and commercial and industrial solid wastes into high-grade biogas and a valuable compost. The first commercial plants went into operation in the early 1990’s.

The BTA process is a “Wet” Anaerobic Digestion process, and is typically a single stage process operated at between 7 and 13% total solids, and at either mesophilic or thermophilic temperatures.

Advantages Cited by Enpure for their Process

Enpure states that their Pre-treatment technology actively removes non-biodegradable materials before digestion, thus minimizing wear on pumps and other downstream equipment and improving the overall reliability of the process. They achieve consistent removal of contrary contaminants which they state is very important, including batteries plastics, metals and glass. This ensures that the end-product digestate is of high quality, meaning that the PAS100 standard is readily achievable, by their installations, when derived from suitable feedstock materials.

THe The BTA® Waste Pulper which provides this upstream processing is well described in a pdf document available for downloading on their website here.

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