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biogas-products-ltd-anaerobicBioGas Products Ltd. are a UK based company specialising in process design and manufacture of anaerobic digesters and biogas utilisation equipment. They specialise in building simple and robust anaerobic digestion system which are ideal for our clients in the agricultural sector. They also provide products and processes to the water utility, waste, agricultural and environmental sectors, and also appear to act as anaerobic digestion EPC contractors to provide a complete turnkey service.

They state that they specialise in process design and construction of anaerobic digesters for UK farms. They say on their website that they also provide biogas cleaning equipment (presumably this means upgrading for the use of biogas as CNG), and storage, tank covers and AD plant lagoon liners. They also list on site stainless steel fabrication as a service provided.

The type of anaerobic digestion system offered appears to include AD of animal slurry, vegetable waste, silage and specifically grown crops (e.g. Maize). They state that anaerobic digestion is: “a process that requires professionally designed and manufactured equipment to collect, store, pressurise, burn, clean and use biogas to generate electricity, provide heat, run hot water boilers and eventually to fuel vehicles and inject back into the natural gas grid network”.

Biogas Products Ltd Inject Biomethane Back Into the Natural Gas Grid Network

Their clients are listed as being from the wastewater, agricultural and renewable energy sectors. Their expert design service is descrbed as using Autocad 10 to produce detailed P&I and site layout drawings, also where required they can provide 3D drawings.

Biogas Products Ltd Flexible Tanks

Flexible water tanks can be provided by the company in any shape or size. They are described as being are easily erected, foldable, light and weather/ UV resistant.

BioGas Products Ltd are a sister company of Datosill Fabrications Ltd. Biogas Products Ltd are sole UK and Ireland agents for three established Italian engineering companies.

No case studies were found on their web site.

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