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Bioferm Energy SystemsEstablished in 2007, BIOFerm™ Energy Systems is a renewable energy company that designs and constructs BIOFerm™ biogas plants in North America. It is a subsidiary of BIOFerm GmbH, Germany, and a member of the Viessmann Group. BIOFerm™ delivers a wide array of turnkey energy solutions that use biomass and organic waste as the primary feed material input. Their BIOFerm™ technology produces high-quality biogas through a specialized industrial sized process. Biogas production is possible from what they describe as low cost organic waste streams.

BIOFerm™ Energy Systems is the part of the group that supplies renewable energy company that designs and constructs biogas plants in North America. Along with Schmack Biogas GmbH, Germany, which is also a member of the Viessmann Group. BIOFerm™ has more than 27 operational plants, plus 200 case studies and plant contracts underway.

BIOFerm™ Energy Systems Provides A Wide Variety of Turnkey Systems

BIOFerm™ is understood to deliver a wide range of turnkey energy solutions that use biomass and organic waste as the primary input. Their proprietory BIOFerm™ technology produces high quality biogas through a specialized industrial scale process. Biogas production from low cost organic waste streams is reported to be a specialism of the company and enables customers to generate carbon-neutral energy when it is needed, while controlling rising energy costs, providing energy security and reducing the operator’s carbon foot print.

BIOFerm™ Energy Systems have stated that: “All mankind fundamentally needs a supply of energy. Without it, there would be no light during the dark hours, no hot meals and no protection against the cold of winter. Heat is fundamental to creating a feeling of wellbeing and is a mark of affluence. After decades of wastefulness, we are finally coming to realise that energy and other raw materials, as well as mankind’s labour, are valuable commodities. We must deploy these resources efficiently, i.e. sustainably, if we want to preserve the standards of our current quality of life for future generations.”

Viessmann technology is reputed to set the technological pace for the heating industry. The comprehensive product range offered by Viessmann means that individual solutions with efficient systems are available for all applications and all types of fuel. They see themselves as environmental pioneers. It is a fact that the company has been supplying particularly efficient and clean heating systems for oil and gas, as well as solar thermal systems and heating systems for sustainable fuels and heat pumps, for decades.”

The comprehensive product range from Viessmann which is utilized in BIOFerm™ Energy Systems plants is described as offering superior technology and sets new benchmarks in high energy efficiency. Their range is described as helping their clients to save subtsantially on heating costs and is, they state, an ecologically sound solution. Viessmann products always meet the requirements of European Directives regarding the reduction of environmental pollution by emissions. They take seriously the responsibility of this generation to provide the best possible environmental protection plus the maximum preservation of natural resources for our children, and their children.

BIOFerm, as part of the Viessmann Group, is the top specialist, they say with reason, for dry fermentation facilities. Throughout the Viessmann Group, there are opportunities for synergies to be effectively combined, and this is, they inform us, highly effective in the case of gas utilisation, heat supply and services. By combining all their diverse expertise they point out that they are able to cover the complete biogas spectrum from their own products, and produce the most efficient solutions. Their technology has they inform us, also been proven at more than 30 facilities internationally.

The BIOFerm system, which they describe as innovative makes it possible to use biomass and bio-waste from municipalities, industry and from what they call “rural conservation” to generate biogas with cutting-edge efficiency. BIOFerm™ provides facilities which are modular, which means that they and can be easily expanded at any time. The required quality of the feed materials used in the BIOFerm process is described as being “extremely low”, and pre-treatment of the biomass not necessary. So, this must make the operator’s life a lot easier when selecting feedstock sources.

BIOFerm™ relies on dry fermentation when generating biogas. Compared to wet fermentation, the demands this process makes of the source material are extremely low. Any organic solid mass that can be tipped, such as biowaste, cuttings and solid manure with up to 60 percent dry matter can be used. Furthermore, no sorting of interfering material or pre-treatment is required.

In their biomass process, the fermentation process is divided between individual digesters where the biomass is fermented with exclusion of all air. The BIOFerm™ system, is designed to ensure constantly high gas yields with a methane proportion always above 60 percent.

Specific biochemical reactions and achieing this profitably from economic plant and systems are, they believe, the main advantages of their bioreactors. There are plenty of them in use, and are widely applied in industrial sectors such as in the food and pharmaceutical industries. You will also find them in use in biotechnology and in municipal wastewater treatment plants. The biotechnological fermentation industry in Europe is faced with enormous legal restrictions such as the genetic law, embryonic protection law and so on.

The aim of BIOFerm™ project management is to take the already existing experience with the direct intake of ultrasound in small-scale bio-reactors and transfer into a by-pass ultrasound reactor technology. This new process omits the ultrasound-system installed in bio-reactor. This important step would lead to the possibility to use already existing bioreactors in the fermentation companies such as the food processing and biotechnology industries. They state that: “With this type of reactor, a direct scale-up is quite possible. Otherwise, the integration of the ultrasound in already existing fermentation reactors would lead to high investment and energy costs. Ultrasound-systems will be coupled with biotechnology fermentation process to prove the already achieved results from ultrasound-activated food processing.”

BIOFerm™ Energy Systems Mission

BIOFerm™ has a mission which is to provide the most efficient and advanced renewable energy solutions worldwide, and locally tuned to the feedstock available using its exclusive dry fermentation technology. Doing so creates bespoke renewable energy projects that provide both organic matter diversion from landfill, and at the same time also solve waste management problems.

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  1. I am familiar with your company and your reputation. I visited you offices in 2014 and visited a couple of your AD sites with Amber Blythe and Christine McKiernan. I got side tracked by another technology and 4 years later it has not materialized. I am at the point now that I need a system installed at my 7550 head swine finishing operation ASAP to support the biogas to electricity component of our new Micro Grid on the farm. Please contact me ASAP to discuss A TURN KEY SYSTEM THAT WILL COMPLIMENT MY CURRENT 7 YEARS OLD SYSTEM OR REPLACE IT COMPLETELY. I am open for suggestions. You can contact me by phone ar 910-818-1170 or 910-893-3265. It is a perfect time for your company to have a presence in Hog Country in NC. I look forward to hearing from you. Tom Butler

    • radirev says:

      Tom: This is a review website. You need to contact this company directly.If I had seen this sooner I would have passed your enquiry on.

  2. Will you ever be doing anything in the United States? Kathy

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