Anaerobic Digestion Plant EPC Contractor Reviews

About This Website

This is our AD Plant EPC Contractor Review site. (Go here if you want to know what an EPC contractor is).

This is a website created by Steve Last, as part of his Anaerobic Digestion Community website, and as we state at the top of each page, this is where we have set out to provide top anaerobic digestion plant EPC contractor (turnkey contractor) reviews.

Our mission is to serve the AD Plant community by providing objective independent reviews of all the main players in the anaerobic digestion plant industry. Currently, we are a long way short of that aim, but we will be adding new reviews over the next few months starting spring 2012.

We started this project to answer a repeated email question I am continually receiving in the feedback from the main Anaerobic Digestion website, which is;

“Can you please give me a list of good AD Plant contractors”.

Potential clients for AD Plants just starting out, simply don’t know who to talk to, or how to compare the services offered by the many contractors seeking to provide this service.

We aim to put that right.

If you have feedback, anyone can complete the feedback boxes at the bottom of each page, and help build up this resource for everyone.