A Round-Up of Anaerobic Digestion Companies

Posted on: 21 August 2012 | Filed under: Anaerobic Digestion Companies

Helix ECL is a specialist environmental consultancy offering process design and engineering services to the water, wastewater and waste sectors. Areas of expertise include: Process investigation and troubleshooting; wastewater treatment; sewage sludge treatment; biosolids and biowaste treatment; advanced anaerobic digestion; and Renewable energy.

The wide area of activities of the Hese Bio Gas company encompass the full range of advanced Anaerobic Digestion technologies concerning the selecting and processing of mineral and biological waste streams. Our goal is to produce energy with excellent commercial potential bi – products. We deliver complete ‘turnkey’ projects including the concept, …

Zero Waste Energy is a development company that designs, builds, and operates integrated solid waste facilities throughout North America. They recover material for recycling and reuse, while transforming organic waste into green energy through an innovative anaerobic digestion dry fermentation process. This proven technology is currently producing …

Organic Recycling Systems Private Limited (ORS) is one of the pioneering companies in the field of organic waste processing and treatment. We provide products, services and solutions for efficient waste management. We convert waste into resource. By utilising our technical collaborations, we have introduced leading innovative technologies in …

Two anaerobic digestion technology companies in the United Kingdom, Biogen Ltd. and Greenfinch Ltd. have merged to form BiogenGreenfinch. The newly company has been supported by a $28 million investment from Bedfordia Group PLC, the parent company of Biogen, according to Dan Poulson, chief executive officer of BiogenGreenfinch.

Just about the first of the anaerobic digestion companies to be formed it was started in 2005. Nowadays, anaerobic digestion company Biogen funds, builds, and operates anaerobic digestion plants that convert food waste and animal manure slurry into biogas and fertilizer. Greenfinch is a process engineering company with more than 30 years of experience providing anaerobic digestion technology for the processing of sewage, manure, and food waste. Together, the companies have developed 12 anaerobic digestion plants throughout the U.K.

Schmack Biogas is one of the leading German anaerobic digestion companies and are suppliers of biogas technologies. Since 1995, the company states that it has been setting the standard for efficient biogas plants, on which farmers as well as energy companies rely. Worldwide, the company has installed 250 plants with a total capacity of over 100 MW. Schmack Biogas joined the Viessmann Group in January 2010.

BIOFerm, as part of Viessmann Group, is the specialist for dry fermentation facilities. Within Viessmann Group, there are synergies in the areas of gas utilisation, heat supply and services. Together we are able to cover the complete biogas spectrum and realise efficient system solutions. Our technology has been proven internationally at more than 30 facilities.

The innovative BIOFerm system makes it possible to use biomass and bio-waste from municipalities, industry and rural conservation to generate biogas very efficiently and with minimal effort. BIOFerm facilities are modular and can be expanded at any time. The required quality of the material used in the BIOFerm process is extremely low, and pre-treatment of the biomass not necessary.

After 15 years of national and 9 years of international biogas business experience, one of the fast growing anaerobic digestion companies have FBI developed a business model to design and install biogas plants worldwide. FBI say that they transfer biogas technology know-how, components, biogas business experience and help to adapt everything to local conditions.

EnviTec Biogas AG has won this year’s biogas innovation prize in German agriculture for its biogas preparation technology Envi Than in the Economy category. The German Farmers’ Association (Deutsche Bauernverband) has awarded the innovative membrane process of EnviTec within the scope of the biogas innovation congress in Osnabrück. The congress dealt with the topic of increase in efficiency and optimisation during biogas production. A large number of biogas companies applied for this prize with more than 50 technological innovations. The two best innovations from Economy and Science were awarded.

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