"There's no Net Zero without Biogas: ending waste, delivering the circular economy, tackling the climate crisis."

Image text: "Biogas Scrubber Proprietary Technologies GWE provides two proprietary technologies for efficiently desulfurizing a biogas stream, as well as traditional activated carbon filters for tertiary polishing of the gas when very low H2S levels are required. AtmosPower's Biogas Scrubber is available in two stages for efficient gas cleaning and removal of any impurities that could irreversibly damage the critical equipment downstream of the Biogas Scrubber. In cases where the Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) content exceeds the standard limit, a Biological Chemical-based Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Scrubber can be provided as part of the upgrade package. AtmosPower provides its advanced gas desulfurizing unit, which employs various grades of activated carbon to irreversibly absorb H2S and prevent it from flowing downstream with the gas. Amine absorption and a pressure adsorption column are two other common biogas purification techniques.".
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How to use Biogas Scrubbers to Purify Biogas

How do you purify biogas? It’s a question central to all but the most simple use of biogas at low pressure from a home digester when it is piped direct to a kitchen stove, although even then bubbling the gas through water is often applied. According to the literature, biogas processing entails the most effective […]

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Image text: "Top Tips for Starting an Anaerobic Digestion Plant".
Biogas Process

Top Tips for Starting an Anaerobic Digestion Plant

Are you thinking about starting your own anaerobic digestion plant? Anaerobic digestion is becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable energy source, which is good timing with the rising energy costs leading many to turn to renewable energy as a way to save money. Of course, there are also environmental benefits to using renewable energy, which […]

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Image text: "List of Food Waste Depackaging and Separation Equipment Suppliers".
Biogas Equipment Food Waste

List of Food Waste Depackaging and Separation Equipment Suppliers

The following is a list of “Food Waste Depackaging and Separation Equipment Suppliers”. The list is based upon our online search for, as far as possible, a complete list of global manufacturers/ suppliers of depackaging and separation machinery designed to treat mixed biowaste waste streams for the purpose of reuse and recycling in the anaerobic […]

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Image of man viewing a food waste separator research paper.
Food Waste

Food Waste Separators with Less Destructive Depackaging & Pulping Pre-treat SSOHW Better

Prior to anaerobic digestion, new food waste separators with advanced depackaging and pulping technology, when used to pre-treat Source-Separated Organic Household Waste (SSOHW), improve the purity of the organic pulp. Reject output streams were also purer than for earlier systems based on milling and shredding. That’s according to research by the Department of Environmental Engineering, […]

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Image text: "Pig Farm Anaerobic Digestion".
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Pig Farm Anaerobic Digestion – Realities of Operating Swine and Hog Digesters

Pig farm anaerobic digestion and including in this swine, and hog farms have just as much potential as Dairy Farms for anaerobic digestion to make biogas as an additional source of income. At the same time, their biogas plants can provide for a much more environmentally beneficial means of disposing of the farm waste, and […]

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Image text: "Small-scale digestate separator Borger".

Small-scale Digestate Separator for Dairy Farms with up to 150 Cows

A small-scale digestate separator has been added to the popular Börger Bioselect™ range of digestate separator units. This adds to their range which has become a top choice for operators seeking solid/ liquid digestate separation. Virtually all AD plant operators would be assisted by this technology at the outlets from their biogas reactors. Press Release […]

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