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Kompogas Dry anaerobic digestion

Dry Anaerobic Digestion Secrets You Will Wish You Discovered First

In the rush to develop anaerobic digestion plants so far, most biogas project promoters have stuck to the most familiar methods of wet anaerobic digestion. However, in many countries the profitability of biogas projects will soon depend on utilizing the organic feedstocks which others cannot accept. Those businesses that produce the easiest to digest feed […]

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Anerobic digestion of Kitchen Waste Scraping the plate

Anaerobic Digestion of Kitchen Waste – All You Need to Know

The anaerobic digestion of kitchen waste (also known as food waste anaerobic digestion) makes a lot of sense for urban communities which culturally have always prepared a lot of their food, especially where much of it is from vegetables they prepare themselves at home. In these circumstances there is a lot of organic vegetable kitchen waste […]

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