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AD and Biogas Industry Awards 2020 Finalists Announced

Image bears the text: "AD and Biogas Industry Awards 2020 Announced".

Press Release;

 AD and Biogas Industry Awards 2020 finalists announced

 The finalists for this year's AD and Biogas Industry Awards have been announced.  Run by the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) and the World Biogas Association (WBA), the Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in the global anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas sector across 11 categories.

Originally launched by ADBA in 2010 for the UK market, the Awards became international in 2017 with WBA joining as co-organiser and are increasingly seeing participation from overseas companies and projects as a result.

We're delighted to see finalists from Israel, Malaysia, Kenya and Thailand and South America alongside those from Europe and the UK in this year's shortlist“, said Charlotte Morton, ADBA Chief Executive.  “This is a testimony of the global growth of the biogas industry and we know there are many more projects and initiatives out there that deserve recognition.  Thank you to all those who entered this year's competition and let's keep shouting about the great benefits that the AD technology offers around the world. Congratulations to our 2020 finalists and good luck for the final.

The winners will be announced online on 8 October 3pm-4.30pm BST.   REGISTER FOR FREE HERE

The AD and Biogas industry Awards 2020 finalists:

Health and Safety Award          sponsored by SGN

Granville EcoPark (UK)
Stanley Kimuge (Kenya)

Best R&D Innovation Award       sponsored by SHV Energy  

Azola S.A.S. (France)
BioBANG (Italy) – How to get the max efficiency from straw (and waste biomass)
Energy & Waste Engineering (Spain)
Huesker (Germany and global): Huesker Flexcover Combi Plus
SGTech (Israel): Integrated Ecosystem Solution (IES)
Mavitec Green Energy (Netherlands): Paddle Depacker Roadshow

Best Medium to Large Biogas Plant

Weltec Biopower:  Lanes Farm Energy (UK)
Amur: North Yorkshire AD Plant (UK)
Granville EcoPark (UK)
Icknield Gas Ltd (UK)
Concord Green Energy: Lepar Hilir Biogas Plant (Malaysia)
Stallkamp)/Lunsby Biogas: Vinkel Biogas Plant (Denmark)

Most Improved Plant

Ammongas A/S (Denmark)
Amur: Walkers PepsiCo Leicester AD Plant (UK)
J V Energen LLP:  Rainbarrow Farm (UK)

Clever Use of Outputs

Azola S.A.S. (France)
Granville EcoPark (UK)
SGTech (Israel): Integrated Ecosystem Solution (IES)
N2 Applied (Norway) 

AD Hero of the Year

Christine Parry, Amur
Craig Jamieson, Straw Innovations Ltd
Sachin Watarkar, Lalbuksh Voltas Engineering Services & Trading LLC
Colin Small, SGN Commercial Services

Best Anaerobic Digestion/Biogas Support

Advantage Biogas Limited (UK)
Alpheus Environmental (UK):  supporting Glenmorangie
Atlantic Pumps (UK): SlurryPro Pumps Provide Significant Cost Savings for Viridor
Energy & Waste Engineering (Spain)
Granville Energy Supply (UK)
MC Technical Recruitment (UK)
Optimised Energy (UK)
SGN Commercial Services (UK)

International Knowledge Exchange & Collaboration

Biogas Applications Project in the Brazilian Agroindustry:  Course – Biogas: Fundamentals and Application
Renjie DONG, China Agricultural University
Tampere AD Site (Finland): AD Sans Frontières
EMPIR: The Metrology for Biomethane project

The Circular Economy Award

J F Temple & Son Ltd (UK)
Jerry Murphy: Cascading Fuel System (UK)
Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure (Germany): Rio Cuarto biogas plants-cooperation in integrated biogas and bioethanol production in Argentina
RE Power Group (Thailand): RPG Impact Project

Best Small Scale Biogas Plant

Gegan Solutions (UK): compactAD
HoSt innovative dairy farm in Koudum (Netherlands) goes green with microferm 100% manure digestion plant
GPS Renewables (India): Bio-Urja modular system design and remote bio process management – Enabling decentralized biogas generation at scale in urban areas
Washfold Biogas Ltd (UK)
Weltec Biopower (UK): Project “Agrigaz Vire”

Best Financing AwardAn image from the Whiteleys original hidden hand Co. collection.

Iona Environmental Infrastructure Limited Partnership (UK)
Privilege Finance (UK)

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