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Anaerobic Digestion Systems

In addition to this page, the following sub-pages explain how anaerobic digestion systems have been developed for a variety of purposes:

Anaerobic Digestion UK
Anaerobic Digestion Model
Anaerobic Co-Digestion

Digestate from Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestion Systems – A Basic Process Flow Chart

Every AD Plant designer provides a unique plant process design, however, the flow chart below is common to most AD plant designs. Most designs include a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) element, and the most common use of that is in space heating for homes and factories.

Anaerobic Digestion Flow Chart

Get your Printer Friendly .pdf version of this flow chart here.

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    I think this is a real great article. Now I am more convinced that anaerobic digestion will work. Want more info.

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