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Anaerobic Digestion Equipment

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What our Readers Should Know About this Market Sector

Anaerobic Digestion Equipment is a rapidly expanding market sector. BCC Research recently reported (Autumn 2014) that the market worldwide for anaerobic digestion equipment (including landfill gas utilisation) was almost $4.5 billion in 2013, according to their estimates. The market is projected to reach $7 billion by 2018 and they think it will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 9% over the 5 year period from 2013 to 2018. The AD equipment market is part of the Sustainable Energy Market overall, which is expected to rise from $124 billion in 2010 to $217 billion in 2016.

BCC Research has classified the Anaerobic Digestion Equipment market by the main feed sources it serves. These are municipal and domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, landfill gas, and agricultural wastes. Within the agricultural wastes category they include animal manures and crop residues. Where energy crops are codigested with manure and other organic farm wastes, they have been included as part of this market. The Anaerobic Digestion Equipment (or “Biogas”) market can also be broken down by the end-use of the biogas. In this case the main end-use classifications suggested are: municipal power generation, on-site heat and power production, and transportation applications. View the Market Sector Report here.

Why Investors are Taking an Interest in the Anaerobic Digestion Equipment Market?

Anaerobic Digestion Equipment sites firmly within the renewable, sustainable energy generation niche. As such, it is expected to be the fastest-growing energy sector over the next two decades, and domestic energy supplies are seen as a means of avoiding high oil prices, Biogas, a clean fuel derived primarily from waste materials, is an unique alternative to traditional fossil-energy. Governmental regulations and environmental concerns will drive significant growth in this market in the medium term.

How is this Equipment Market Supporting Sustainable Energy?

Biogas is considered to be a sustainable energy source, so by enabling biogas energy the market sector is considered to be “green”, and is supporting sustainable energy production. A commonly accepted definition of sustainable sources are energy sources which are not expected to be depleted in a time-frame relevant to the human race.

Biomethane Upgrade Equipment – A New Entrant to this Market

Since 2010, an additional anaerobic digestion process is increasingly being provided at AD Plants to enhance the methane content of the product gas (biogas) so that no further processing may be required for utilization as a high quality, high Btu gas comprising greater than 90 percent methane, and in all respects equivalent to natural gas. The most advanced membrane technology based biogas upgrading equipment also utilizes the carbon dioxide produced during anaerobic digestion. It may be physically and chemically separated and removed to become an additional saleable product, while reducing the carbon dioxide content of the biogas to comply with the requirements for high Btu gas and sold as CNG.

The UK Renewable Energy Strategy commits to an increased and sustainable supply and use of biomass for heat, power and transport. Making this an exciting, high growth rate, market sector, which we are pleased to feature here, in this section of our website.

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